One Mom's Moxie: September 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Go check out the Mom Blog Society!

When I started my blog a couple of weeks ago I was blog hopping to add followers. I just happen to land on Mom Blog Society. I wasn’t sure what this page was all about but I am so happy I joined and now I am a proud member of the Mom Blog Society. The page Mom Blog Society has many different groups you can join to promote your blog, twitter, or even your Facebook.

There are not only groups on Mom Blog Society; there are links to other blogs as well as a link called Pajama Jobs, with listings to work from home. There is the Society Chit Chat, a great place to ask other member’s blog related questions or just chit chat. And of course there is the link to Blog Hops, for everyday of the week you can promote other social networks.

Can you believe you can enjoy all of this for free!?! I kept looking for a monthly amount due before joining, but there are no fees! You can purchase ad space for your blog or company, there are a few different price options available, but it is for members only.

When you join Mom Blog Society, because if you are a blogger there is no reason you shouldn’t, you are going to enjoy everything there is to offer. I look forward to meeting you there!

Blogging Buddies Thursday Blog Hop


Welcome to Blogging Buddies Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Life With Two Boys and Get In Shape And Save!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Like FREE stuff?? Check this out!

Who doesn't? Well if you haven't heard of Listia then I am here to help you! Some people think using Listia is too much work but it depends on who you are. I don't think it's too much work to post a few photos, a description of what I am giving away and clicking submit. There is mailing the winnings but that to me isn't too much work either, because I know eventually I will be getting something free in the mail.

First you sign up: http://www.listia.com/signup/150425. Then once you have created an account there is a step by step process Listia has put in place to help new comers. You will start out with a certain amount of credits. If you sign up under me (hint, hint http://www.listia.com/signup/150425) or even someone else you will actually get more credits to start with. Then to check out the auctions ending soonest just click the search button. To list your own items you no longer want just click the list button, the process for listing is very easy. If some of your photos are not bright or clear there are a few tricks to cleaning them up. You can put your camera on macro setting with no flash (make sure there is still a light source in the room) then head over to Picnik.com and upload (free site) and click auto-fix and it will brighten your photo for you. You don't want your photos to be too big so I suggest resizing them, I use percentage and go down half or even to 25% by 25%. It's completely up to you. Make sure to save your photo, and your ready to upload to Listia.

Listing: You have the option to list your item for 3 days to 10 days. Unless you are in a major hurry for credits I say at least 4 to 6 days. Oh and make sure before you list something you check out the rules. You CANNOT list food or toothpaste, mouthwash and some other important items. You can list coupons for free items, but no buy one, get one free. This is a free site and some people do go on and try to charge for shipping (which you can do) but they mark the shipping so high up it's obvious. I would check on their profile and make sure they have a 95% and above, if you don't want to pay shipping only look at auctions with free shipping listed on their auction. You will get more attention if you do free shipping, but this is only a suggestion.

I hope to see you there, I took a break but now that Christmas is around the corner it's time to get my credits up and start winning some free goodies! If you have any questions, just ask, if I don't have the answer I will help find it for you. Don't forget to sign up under me or someone else, http://www.listia.com/signup/150425, and if you do sign up go fan me my name is Mommee5. To find a user scroll to the very bottom of the page and click find a user. Go check it out!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some more make-up...Sheer Cover this time

So yesterday evening I came home from going to the Dollar stores in our area, my mom and I do this once every few months. I was surprised to see a package from Sheer Cover, I knew it was coming I just didn't think it would get here as fast as it did. It is a sample kit called, Makeover In A Box, that would normally cost $14.95. Fortunately I signed up through a survey company and only needed to pay the shipping and handling which was just a little under $6.

Here is what my kit included a Base Perfector Primer that you spread all over, then there are two concealers that you mix to the right shade, and the two very small, smaller than a quarter size containers that are a one fourth filled with Sheer Cover and last the empty container that is the Powder Mixing Well. Oh yes and the Pocket Kabuki brush too! I haven't tried the product yet, I normally don't like to take photographs of myself but I will for make-up especially since I am going to be 30 and I have sun spots all over. Medications from my past did that and I have tried several things to get rid of them.

Here is my collage of my kit:

I am not just a make-up blogger it's just coincidence that they both came within weeks of each other, and I couldn't wait to share with you all. Once I actually try the Sheer Cover I will try to take photo's and post them. Hope everyone's having a great day so far! 

Thankful Tuesday!

This is Kaylen my 11 year old and Isabella "Bella" my 6 year old.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Made it to ONE HUNDRED!!!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to my followers, my blog is a little over a week old and because of you I now have 101 followers! YAY!!! So exciting! As promised there will be a giveaway, I will be doing a review (my first for this blog!) and having a giveaway very soon! I will also do another giveaway shortly after my first one!! So many exciting things coming up, so spread the word to friends that like giveaways or just like reading blogs :)

I'm off for now to go help with cleaning the house, blah, but I'll be back later for a post about my last few days! Oh and if you have read this I would love your best cleaning tip! Sharing is caring, and I could use all the cleaning tips to make life's messes easier to clean up :) Have a beautiful Saturday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My make-up came today!!!

Ok so I get e.l.f. cosmetics emails everyday, e.l.f. stands for eyes, lips and face, and last week I received an email I couldn't resist! If I spent only $1 I would receive the 27 Piece Mini Makeup Collection for FREE!! Regular price is $15! Of course I had to order and get my free makeup, I think some companies know that I am slightly obsessed with makeup, what they don't know it that I am picky and I like deals very much.

So I ordered my Essentials All Over Cover Stick for $1 and paid the S&H which my total came to $7.95! That was an incredible deal. So I placed this order on September 15th and I got my order today. YAY! After check out if you would like a free gift all you need to do is enter three friends or family's email address. I did this expecting a sample, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Essential HyperShine Lipgloss in BerryCherry. This is not normally a color I would pick but wow it is beautiful!

Here's some photo's for your enjoyment :)
27 Piece Mini Makeup Collection
All Over Cover Stick

Essential HyperShine Lipgloss

 If you haven't used e.l.f. cosmetics before I suggest you try at least one product! Who knows maybe I'll be doing an e.l.f. giveaway soon :) Thanks for stopping by!

*No monetary compensation was exchanged, all opinions expressed are solely mine and were not influenced in any manner. e.l.f. was not a part or aware of this posting.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My six year old daughter's obsessions...

My daughter Isabella, or Bella as we lovingly call her, has a few obsessions. Lately I have slacked on my rules and have given in to her wants. First of all she is completely obsessed with playing the iPod Touch. Now I like to think I am young at almost 30 and that I know video games and some technology, but my 6 year old puts me to shame, LoL. When she's playing it, my thought is always "she's preparing for a cell phone!", not that she's going to get one any time soon....I hope. Dad and I tend to spoil her, a lot. Our other four kids aren't with us full time so since Bella is she does get things more often. When my sons are home and they are playing the 360 she can jump right in and play, she may not be the best but she's has the general idea of the games.She also plays the Wii, but not as much lately because the iPod Touch has taken over! So, she doesn't know it but the iPod Touch is going to start disappearing more often :)

Her other obsession is clothing, she tells me when I look good or should change!!! Today she picked my shoes for me. I like that she has a natural talent of putting an outfit together, but lately getting ready for school has been a major pain! It's like she wakes up this monster diva, nothing is right and she suddenly hates all her clothes. Usually 10 minutes (or more) she finally has put something on but not because she's happy with it, but because I have threaten to take the iPod Touch away, LoL!!!I will have to video her shopping for clothes for herself, it's funny and cute. She likes to show us everything and I mean EVERYTHING! It's actually cute though. She knows the value of money and that I can't buy things all the time, so I think she likes to play pretend when were at a clothing store.

 Here she is playing dress up with one of my great deals I found!

And her last obsession. The one I love and hate at the same time. She is my little sidekick, anywhere I go she's there, but that also means sleeping in the same bed! She's a cuddle bug, which is nice and I really like how lovable she can be. But I want my bed back!!! I don't know why she has become my shadow. I have some speculations as to why but for now I guess I will enjoy it, because once she's a preteen she'll want nothing to do with me, and hopefully by then she'll be back in her own bed! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

ABC's of Me...

 The ABC's of Me...

Age - Twenty Nine, also Anthony and Angel my bonus(step) sons, they make me so proud!
Blogging - I am new at blogging but I am loving it!
Camera - I need a new camera, ready for a better one. Also need a car badly!
Day - I'm not much of a day person but I'm working on it.
Eric - My baby brother who I love so much, he lives in another state, I miss so much.
Family - My family means everything to me, and we love football.
Goggle -  I don't know how I'd research things without Google!
Height - 5'5" and a half :Þ
Isabella - My baby girl, she's 6 and her big brown eyes melt my heart.
Jesus - My Savior.
Kaylen - My first born daughter, she's 11 and taller than me, she's gorgeous!
Love - I love unconditionally, and I have my One Love for Eternity.
Making crafts - I love making jewelry, hair bows and making almost any craft!
Night Time - I am a night owl, I can stay up all night, I prefer it to the day time.
Olivia - My middle daughter, she's 8, she is my precious girl her smile is contagious!
Purple & Pink - Purple is my first favorite color, I use to dislike pink but now I love it.
Quiet - I am quiet at first, kind of shy but I'm breaking out of my shell.
Rene - My husband, soul mate and best friend!
Sleep - I love to sleep!! And Sam my (soon to be) sister in law, I miss beading and hanging out!!
Time - It seems like time is flying by so fast lately, my kids are growing up too fast.
Understanding - I am an understanding person, I try not to judge no matter what.
Very Best Friend - My mom, Peggy, is my very best friend in the world, she's the best!
Weakness - I love make-up, nail polish and buying beads and ribbons they are my weaknesses!
Xrays - Not very many xrays through out my life.
Yummiest Food - Spaghetti and lasagna are so yummy :)
Zoo - I have mixed feelings about zoo's, it's nice to see an animal but would you want to live in a cage ALL the time?

ABC's link up here.

Happy Monday! My ramblings and giveaway news...

I have mixed emotions about it being Monday. I like it being Monday because of the deals and it's the start of a new week. I don't like some Monday's because my two oldest daughters are back at their fathers, they live with him primarily, it's a long story but I will have them back with me one day soon! The weekend is over and I have a crazy eventful weekend. After my Saturday morning post I spent six almost seven hours shopping with my mom (she is my best friend) and my three daughters, they needed some new clothes. Then Sunday started with a great breakfast of homemade waffles and listening to my daughters playing, then off to a Bead Society Show.

So I am staying positive and saying this is going to be a Happy Monday! As well as annoucing that I will hold my first giveaway once I get one hundred (100) GFC followers! I am still open to suggestions about what my first giveaway should be. Just leave me a comment and have a Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Saturday...So Far...

I have been up for about an hour and already ordered an awesome deal at No More Rack! Here's a link to sign up if you'd like, the deals are so good I don't know why anybody wouldn't want to sign up! No More Rack

So today's deals included a 12- Color Glitter Nail Kit for $5, an Angry Birds Slingshot Toy for $5 and FREE Hello Kitty iPhone Stickers! Shipping is flat rate $2 per item. I ended up purchasing two kits of the nail glitter, two of the Angry Birds Slingshot Toys and one order of the Hello Kitty iPhone Stickers.

My grand total was $30, I had a $10 credit that I forgot about so I added it thinking $20 for all this is so good! But wait my deal gets better another $10 credit popped up and I added it to pay a revised grand total of $10!!! I am so excited! I will be holding a giveaway with one or possibly two of the items I got in my giveaway.

Now I'd like your input :) Which of the above items would you like to win in a giveaway? Leave me a comment , I really appreciate your input!! Have a Super Duper Saturday! I'll be back later, gotta go watch my sons football game :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

InfraShine Styling Iron Giveaway! $139 value Ends 9/27/11

Alright ladies, and some gentlemen, here is a giveaway that you don't want to miss! I have wanted a InfraShine Styling Iron for quite some time now. I have never heard one negative thing about InfraShine products. I am trying to win this too, but I would really love to review the product and hold my own giveaway (hint, hint)!

If you have never heard of InfraShine here is about the company straight from the company website:
"From inception, InfraShine has been on the cutting edge in designing and manufacturing professional hair styling and cutting tools.  With a full line of shears and two complete lines of high performance ceramic styling irons and dryers, InfraShine meets all of today’s professional needs.

InfraShine is the name the industry has come to know and trust for tools that live up to the highest standards of performance, quality and durability. Look no further than InfraShine because nobody does it better—Nobody!"
And here is the link to the giveaway over at Sweeps4Bloggers.

Giveaway – $139 InfraShine Styling Iron – Ends 9/27/11

Good Luck!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I realize I am obsessed...

I am completely obsessed with buying ribbon and beads!! I literally think about making jewelry and hair bows every single day! This wouldn't be a bad thing if I were actually selling the items I am making, which I haven't been lately. So now it's time for me to stop procrastinating and start looking at my options. I have been told Ebay is one of the worse sites, while it may be popular they charge outrageous fees. And there are all these other sites that I could join and pay a flat monthly rate, but they aren't as popular as the one I keep going back to, Etsy.

Now I have never actually had a web store but I have researched the ups and downs, pros and cons, the good and bad. I realize the store will not be an over night sensation (how great would that be if it was though!). It wouldn't actually be just my store, this is something my mom and I are starting together. So I will keep you updated on this whole subject. I am pretty sure there are going to be plenty of laughs, because both my mom and I are not very computer savvy.

If you have any information on starting/running an Etsy store please leave me a comment (or email me at OneMomsMoxie@gmail.com) with any suggestions or advice. It is greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

My First Post!

Welcome to my new blog!! I am so thrilled to have my own blog, this is something I have been wanting to do for over a year. Please bear with me, I am still learning how everything works and how to add things as well as keeping up with my day to day life. So I look forward to many postings, giveaways and much, much more! If you have any questions or suggestions please send them my way. I am determined to make this blog a success! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

♥One Mom's Moxie♥