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Monday, September 19, 2011

ABC's of Me...

 The ABC's of Me...

Age - Twenty Nine, also Anthony and Angel my bonus(step) sons, they make me so proud!
Blogging - I am new at blogging but I am loving it!
Camera - I need a new camera, ready for a better one. Also need a car badly!
Day - I'm not much of a day person but I'm working on it.
Eric - My baby brother who I love so much, he lives in another state, I miss so much.
Family - My family means everything to me, and we love football.
Goggle -  I don't know how I'd research things without Google!
Height - 5'5" and a half :├×
Isabella - My baby girl, she's 6 and her big brown eyes melt my heart.
Jesus - My Savior.
Kaylen - My first born daughter, she's 11 and taller than me, she's gorgeous!
Love - I love unconditionally, and I have my One Love for Eternity.
Making crafts - I love making jewelry, hair bows and making almost any craft!
Night Time - I am a night owl, I can stay up all night, I prefer it to the day time.
Olivia - My middle daughter, she's 8, she is my precious girl her smile is contagious!
Purple & Pink - Purple is my first favorite color, I use to dislike pink but now I love it.
Quiet - I am quiet at first, kind of shy but I'm breaking out of my shell.
Rene - My husband, soul mate and best friend!
Sleep - I love to sleep!! And Sam my (soon to be) sister in law, I miss beading and hanging out!!
Time - It seems like time is flying by so fast lately, my kids are growing up too fast.
Understanding - I am an understanding person, I try not to judge no matter what.
Very Best Friend - My mom, Peggy, is my very best friend in the world, she's the best!
Weakness - I love make-up, nail polish and buying beads and ribbons they are my weaknesses!
Xrays - Not very many xrays through out my life.
Yummiest Food - Spaghetti and lasagna are so yummy :)
Zoo - I have mixed feelings about zoo's, it's nice to see an animal but would you want to live in a cage ALL the time?

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