One Mom's Moxie: I realize I am obsessed...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I realize I am obsessed...

I am completely obsessed with buying ribbon and beads!! I literally think about making jewelry and hair bows every single day! This wouldn't be a bad thing if I were actually selling the items I am making, which I haven't been lately. So now it's time for me to stop procrastinating and start looking at my options. I have been told Ebay is one of the worse sites, while it may be popular they charge outrageous fees. And there are all these other sites that I could join and pay a flat monthly rate, but they aren't as popular as the one I keep going back to, Etsy.

Now I have never actually had a web store but I have researched the ups and downs, pros and cons, the good and bad. I realize the store will not be an over night sensation (how great would that be if it was though!). It wouldn't actually be just my store, this is something my mom and I are starting together. So I will keep you updated on this whole subject. I am pretty sure there are going to be plenty of laughs, because both my mom and I are not very computer savvy.

If you have any information on starting/running an Etsy store please leave me a comment (or email me at OneMomsMoxie@gmail.com) with any suggestions or advice. It is greatly appreciated!


  1. I have an Etsy store! http://www.etsy.com/shop/StitchPrincess
    It's super easy. There are lots how "how-to"s and some "Dos and Don'ts" about tagging (adding keywords so people can search for your item).
    I recommend starting an account and take a few days to get used to it before posting items. Make sure your pictures are clear and on a good background. Maybe even make some listings but leave them in "draft" format until you're ready to post them. Feel free to ask anything ;)

  2. Wow thanks for the info! I will definitely try it out! Oh and I just might take you up on the ask anything :)

  3. Hi. Thanks for the follow back. You commented that you didn't know what Pinterest is at my blog. I think once you get your Etsy account going you might consider Pinterest because you can use it to drive traffic towards your Etsy account. Pinterest is more about pics of stuff people like. There are many people who post their goods on the site. If you want an invite to Pinterest let me know. You can check it out.