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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Like FREE stuff?? Check this out!

Who doesn't? Well if you haven't heard of Listia then I am here to help you! Some people think using Listia is too much work but it depends on who you are. I don't think it's too much work to post a few photos, a description of what I am giving away and clicking submit. There is mailing the winnings but that to me isn't too much work either, because I know eventually I will be getting something free in the mail.

First you sign up: http://www.listia.com/signup/150425. Then once you have created an account there is a step by step process Listia has put in place to help new comers. You will start out with a certain amount of credits. If you sign up under me (hint, hint http://www.listia.com/signup/150425) or even someone else you will actually get more credits to start with. Then to check out the auctions ending soonest just click the search button. To list your own items you no longer want just click the list button, the process for listing is very easy. If some of your photos are not bright or clear there are a few tricks to cleaning them up. You can put your camera on macro setting with no flash (make sure there is still a light source in the room) then head over to Picnik.com and upload (free site) and click auto-fix and it will brighten your photo for you. You don't want your photos to be too big so I suggest resizing them, I use percentage and go down half or even to 25% by 25%. It's completely up to you. Make sure to save your photo, and your ready to upload to Listia.

Listing: You have the option to list your item for 3 days to 10 days. Unless you are in a major hurry for credits I say at least 4 to 6 days. Oh and make sure before you list something you check out the rules. You CANNOT list food or toothpaste, mouthwash and some other important items. You can list coupons for free items, but no buy one, get one free. This is a free site and some people do go on and try to charge for shipping (which you can do) but they mark the shipping so high up it's obvious. I would check on their profile and make sure they have a 95% and above, if you don't want to pay shipping only look at auctions with free shipping listed on their auction. You will get more attention if you do free shipping, but this is only a suggestion.

I hope to see you there, I took a break but now that Christmas is around the corner it's time to get my credits up and start winning some free goodies! If you have any questions, just ask, if I don't have the answer I will help find it for you. Don't forget to sign up under me or someone else, http://www.listia.com/signup/150425, and if you do sign up go fan me my name is Mommee5. To find a user scroll to the very bottom of the page and click find a user. Go check it out!

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