One Mom's Moxie: My six year old daughter's obsessions...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My six year old daughter's obsessions...

My daughter Isabella, or Bella as we lovingly call her, has a few obsessions. Lately I have slacked on my rules and have given in to her wants. First of all she is completely obsessed with playing the iPod Touch. Now I like to think I am young at almost 30 and that I know video games and some technology, but my 6 year old puts me to shame, LoL. When she's playing it, my thought is always "she's preparing for a cell phone!", not that she's going to get one any time soon....I hope. Dad and I tend to spoil her, a lot. Our other four kids aren't with us full time so since Bella is she does get things more often. When my sons are home and they are playing the 360 she can jump right in and play, she may not be the best but she's has the general idea of the games.She also plays the Wii, but not as much lately because the iPod Touch has taken over! So, she doesn't know it but the iPod Touch is going to start disappearing more often :)

Her other obsession is clothing, she tells me when I look good or should change!!! Today she picked my shoes for me. I like that she has a natural talent of putting an outfit together, but lately getting ready for school has been a major pain! It's like she wakes up this monster diva, nothing is right and she suddenly hates all her clothes. Usually 10 minutes (or more) she finally has put something on but not because she's happy with it, but because I have threaten to take the iPod Touch away, LoL!!!I will have to video her shopping for clothes for herself, it's funny and cute. She likes to show us everything and I mean EVERYTHING! It's actually cute though. She knows the value of money and that I can't buy things all the time, so I think she likes to play pretend when were at a clothing store.

 Here she is playing dress up with one of my great deals I found!

And her last obsession. The one I love and hate at the same time. She is my little sidekick, anywhere I go she's there, but that also means sleeping in the same bed! She's a cuddle bug, which is nice and I really like how lovable she can be. But I want my bed back!!! I don't know why she has become my shadow. I have some speculations as to why but for now I guess I will enjoy it, because once she's a preteen she'll want nothing to do with me, and hopefully by then she'll be back in her own bed! :)