One Mom's Moxie: Some more make-up...Sheer Cover this time

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some more make-up...Sheer Cover this time

So yesterday evening I came home from going to the Dollar stores in our area, my mom and I do this once every few months. I was surprised to see a package from Sheer Cover, I knew it was coming I just didn't think it would get here as fast as it did. It is a sample kit called, Makeover In A Box, that would normally cost $14.95. Fortunately I signed up through a survey company and only needed to pay the shipping and handling which was just a little under $6.

Here is what my kit included a Base Perfector Primer that you spread all over, then there are two concealers that you mix to the right shade, and the two very small, smaller than a quarter size containers that are a one fourth filled with Sheer Cover and last the empty container that is the Powder Mixing Well. Oh yes and the Pocket Kabuki brush too! I haven't tried the product yet, I normally don't like to take photographs of myself but I will for make-up especially since I am going to be 30 and I have sun spots all over. Medications from my past did that and I have tried several things to get rid of them.

Here is my collage of my kit:

I am not just a make-up blogger it's just coincidence that they both came within weeks of each other, and I couldn't wait to share with you all. Once I actually try the Sheer Cover I will try to take photo's and post them. Hope everyone's having a great day so far! 


  1. Very cool that it came so fast! It looks like a great deal. Hope you enjoy using it all! -Christine @ Why We Love Green

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  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on the Thyroid post, hope you find out for sure and get to feeling better soon.
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