One Mom's Moxie: October 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pure Vanilla Bean Paste Review & Giveaway

I love this time of the year, the weather is becoming cooler, it's starting to get dark earlier and all my favorite holidays decorations come out. But my most favorite reason for this time of the year is the baking. I love to bake. I like the way the house smells for hours afterwards, and then watching each of my family member's faces as they bite into my creations. Making food is one way of showing my family love but when I bake I put in a little bit of extra love. I am not the best baker but I know I am not the worse either, I take pride in the items that turn out really good. And my latest item was one of those really good ones. Here's what happen....

I was fortunate that the Nielsen-Massey Vanillas company sent me a bottle of their Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste to try. 

The company has been dedicated to making the purest vanillas since 1907. Their company offers vanillas in the form of extract, powder, sugar, paste and bean. Nielsen-Massey Vanillas also offers many other flavors of extracts. Nielsen-Massey Vanillas was awarded gold winner of the 2011 NASFT sofi, NASFT stands for the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, this award was given for the Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste. The website for Nielsen-Massey Vanillas is filled with information about vanilla, the history of vanilla as well as some fun facts about it. There are also some great sounding recipes available to everyone.

When I first got my bottle I was going to make everything from scratch, but then I realized that many of us are so busy these days that making everything from scratch is not always possible. So I took a box of white cake mix and made it according to the directions on the box, but spruced it up with my Pure Vanilla Bean Paste. I added about a tablespoon to the mix. So making my cupcakes was simple and they smelled delicious baking. While the cupcakes were in the oven I decided to make my frosting from scratch here is the recipe:

 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting
  • 8 to 10 ounces of cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1 cube of unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1½ to 2 cups of powdered sugar, sifted
  • ½ to 1 teaspoon of Nielsen-Massey Vanillas Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste
  • ½ teaspoon of brown sugar
This is a simple recipe of just mixing everything together one at a time. The recipe is very flexible, if it seems too thick you can add just tiny bit of milk, if it seems too thin you can add more powdered sugar. I added more than a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste, but that is because I really liked the flavor it gave and you could really smell the vanilla in the frosting. Here is a picture of me adding the paste and a close up of the paste, you can really see the seeds, or "caviar":

Once the cupcakes cooled and the frosting was added, these were by the far the best tasting cupcakes I had ever made! The pure vanilla bean paste really made a HUGE difference in the frosting. I have made this frosting before with a pure vanilla extract but it just tasted sweet from the sugar, the frosting with the paste was more complex you could actually taste the vanilla. You don't have to be a baker to use the Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste, seriously anyone can take a teaspoon and add this to anything that calls for vanilla extract. On the bottle there is the measurements of the paste in place of extract for your recipes, as well as how much paste you would use for a vanilla bean itself. What a great idea, so helpful! In my opinion this is a wonderful product, I will use again and again!!

Here are some photos of my finished cupcakes:

And now for the good part for all of you! Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has offered one bottle of their Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste to one of my followers! To enter the giveaway follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter.

~I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I did receive and review the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

This year our pumpkin carving was a little bit strange for me. For one thing I did it alone with my three daughters, and we used small pumpkins. This will be my second Halloween without my two oldest girls, hopefully next year I will have them. I love this time of year, I especially like getting my kiddies all dressed up and going out trick or treating. The two oldest are bummed they aren't with me this year, they love that I am really into the holidays. I am a kid at heart, I really like the girlie things and picking out new toys with my kiddies. I look at it like they only have one childhood so why not try to make it a fun and memorable one (for all the right reasons). This year has been a tough one on them and me, so trying to make Halloween and the rest of the year a better one is my goal.
Anyways, we had fun pulling all the guts out of the pumpkins. My girlie-tomboy Olivia really liked this part, she volunteered to check everyone's pumpkins before they started carving. There was also a first this year, normally I would NEVER allow them to carve their own pumpkins, but my youngest is six (going on sixteen) and I knew that the carving tools I bought were safe so with my supervision they all three got to carving. Well first they drew on their own faces, I went with a pattern on mine. They all turned out so good! I did help with carving the mouths out for my two youngest, they did a great job on their own though! Here's a few pics of our night:
Olivia and Bella mean business, Kaylen just likes to eat the insides, lol

As we continued into our carving Kaylen discovered a couple of hidden treasures in her pumpkin:
First she found a diamond ring, then a salt shaker?? LoL!!
Kaylen's kind of a ham, she cracks me up with the ideas she comes up with! I love how they all my kiddies use their imaginations! So here are our pumpkins, I am so proud of the great jobs they all did!!  I didn't think I would like my own as much as I do, it turned out so cool too! Here they are, photos taken by my wonderful son Anthony, he and I both like being behind the camera :)
First photo from smallest to biggest: Bella's, Olivia's and Kaylen's great carvings!
I love cats, this is in honor of my kitties that have passed.
 And now I leave you with a hilarious scene Kaylen made up, here are a couple photos of the scene:
She is so creative, I look forward to reading her first book or buying her first work of art!
 So we had a great weekend. Grandma took us to the carnival again, but it just wasn't the same the second time around. It ended up being a quick trip. On Sunday we went to this new place (new to us anyways) called A Book Barn. It's a used bookstore and they have such a huge selection and the books are in good condition. I was expecting the prices to be on the higher side but they were actually decent and they will buy our books back once we're done with them. They will only buy them back at half of what we paid but that's better than nothing, or trying to sell them at a yard sell for a quarter. Needless to say we plan on making it a place to go, I hope, at least once a month. Yup we had another awesome weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yay for Friday!!

I woke up to two things one a really yucky stomach ache and two a tweet from Money $aving Mindy saying I had won her Fall Fashionista Giveaway! The wonderful prizes include an apron, oven mitts and wash gloves!! If you are not a follower of Money $aving Mindy then I encourage you to go check out her site and follow! Her blog is filled with so many great things!

 I am so excited, I'd be lying if I didn't say I wanted to win things from the other giveaways but honestly I had really hoped to win these! I have been looking for a great apron for a while now and then to win one, pure bliss! I know I'm corny! Here's my apron...

The oven mitts!

I can't wait to do dishes with these!

 I look forward to getting my prizes because they go well with my next giveaway which is just around the corner and perfect for this time of year. For those who are reading and like or even love baking I will be doing a review and giveaway for Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste! So there you have it, keep an eye out the review and giveaway should be up next week!

And last I would like to know if there are any bloggers interested in doing a Christmas giveaway. Just putting it out there. If you are please email me at OneMomsMoxie@gmail.com.

Have a fantastic Friday!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My weekend recap

Hey everyone! Phew...I had a fun weekend! I know it's Wednesday and I'm just posting but I've been busy :) I have some medical testing tomorrow, I don't think I have what I'm being tested for but I am still a teensy bit nervous.

So last Friday my mom and I took the girlies to a Farmer's Market & Pumpkin Patch which ended up having a small carnival area. There were a few rides and games with the crazy carnies yelling even though you're like 4 feet away from them. It was interesting. We started by taking pictures with the different monsters in the pumpkin patch,then on the first game my oldest Kaylen won a fish on her first try! They rode a ride with Grandma, had some cotton candy, went down the very tall slide and then ended the night with one last ride just Olivia and Kaylen. It really was so much fun! Here is some of our night of fun!
Oh what a night! The girls, grandma and I had so much fun we hope it's there this Friday :)
Then Saturday my two youngest wanted to have a picnic, which to be honest didn't sound like it would be a lot of fun, but it ended up being great! It was a pretty healthy picnic, filled with veggies and apple slices, I am trying to eat healthier. We had hummus for the first time Friday at the Farmer's Market and Liv and I wish we would have tried it sooner! Now I have two things of hummus for snaking. Here's a couple of picnic photos.
Liv and Bella enjoying all the yummy food! They especially liked the Jello :)
Our Sunday was spent relaxing after a busy weekend. I now have a fish that they hope will live forever, great huh?! But I look forward to this weekend, Kay has decided we are going back :) I love going to carnivals, parks or even just playing in the backyard with my kiddies. They grow so fast! With such a small amount of time with my two oldest now, thanks to my ex, every minute is precious. So I hope this Friday is just as fun, I have a few things planned. If anyone has any suggestions about October crafts or Halloween crafts I would appreciate it, I am always looking for new things to do with my kiddies. Have a great day!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Would love your help!!

This isn't my normal type of posting but I'm going to keep it short. I joined Bloggerdise.com and have been able to get some products to review and giveaway, now I have been offered an opportunity I really can't refuse. But I need your help bloggers or business owners! If you are not a part of the Bloggerdise.com site, then you should check it out! If you do happen to sign up I would LOVE it if you would use me as a referral.
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So again please join, and then put OneMomsMoxie as a referral. Oh the opportunity is a banner of my site advertised on the site! How cool is that!?! I really want to get more followers so I can have more giveaways for you all! Thank you to those that will do this for me, if you do please send me a comment or email, I would like to help those who have helped me! Have an awesome day!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Scream Giveaway!!!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Talkative Tuesday

I'm calling today Talkative Tuesday because I feel like sharing so much. So I haven't been posting as many blogs lately because of life happening, and whenever I put life happening it could mean a couple of things. One, my family has kept me busy and life was pretty hectic, or the other possibility, my fibromyalgia flared up and caused more pain than usual. Now I have it under control for the most part. Lately life has been hectic. Living with my parents and losing custody of my daughters have got me busy, busy. I am kicked in high gear figuring some things out, so I can get my girls back. At first when I lost my girls I was going into a depressed state, but I took care of that and nipped it in the butt real quick. I am not happy that they are not with me half the time, I didn't give birth tot hem so my ex and his new wife could play house together. I am a step mom and invited her into my home, my life and was accepting as could be, then my ex and her decides that their going to be a hypocrites. There's way more to it but and what I have written is my opinion, and I am not saying their names :). For many years I stepped back and was nice, giving and well, not a *itch, but when you mess with the cubs your going to get the Momma Bear. So everyday is a fight, and I am keeping myself so far above the water now that I am now sitting in a boat, LoL. So out of this situation I could have been negative and angry, but I am positive and ready for anything. I want things to happen now but I'm on God's time. They might have figured I'd roll over and give up, but what they didn't count on is my faith. I have faith in the Lord and He has my back!! So as new things develop I will keep my followers (friends) updated :).

Now onto other things. Saturday I went to watch my son, ARod, play his football game, he plays defense. Both my sons play and they make me proud! My son actually sacked the QB on Saturday which is something he loves to do when he gets the chance, LoL. ARod's biggest love is football, he eats, sleeps and drinks football! Okay that may be a slight exaggeration, but seriously for an 8th grader, he LOVES the game. He's not just into football, he likes wrestling, basketball and sometimes baseball. He excels in every sport but his dream is to go into the NFL and I don't doubt for a minute that I won't be watching him play from the best seat in stadium when he makes it! Next Friday is my son, Ant's, football game. He was just picked to play gunner. So I can't wait to be there for it! Here are some pics of my boys :) (BTW, yes they are my stepsons and no I do not try to take the place of their mother, she is active in their lives, I just consider them my sons too and I have thanked her for having them)

The rest of my weekend just flew by. Had to go grocery shopping. Then to Michael's Craft Store, one of my favorite stores, to get ARod's supplies for his science project. Thankfully my mom helped figure out the easiest and best way to make his model of an element. So we get to work on that this week. Also mom and I made some more jewelry, I prefer making nice quality pieces, it's all about quality not quantity right?! :)

Oh I almost forgot my first giveaway ended! Congratulations to my very first winner Lacey! If you have read to the bottom of this post then your in luck, you will be the first to know I am part of a giveaway for one hundred dollars! It's literally for one hundred dollars through PayPal! The giveaway should start tomorrow, such exciting news! I will have other giveaways going on as well, so stay tuned, I might have to have a slight remodel of my blog :)

So I guess I have shared enough for Talkative Tuesday! Then again I might post again later you just never know! I hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am so honored and happy to have been given the Versatile Blogger Award not once but twice! I meant to post earlier this week but I have been too busy to post. But I am here now and I would like to thank Between Two Rams and I'm A Silly Mami
I feel so special you both chose me to give this award to!

By accepting this award I have agreed to:
Thank the blogger (or bloggers) who presented it to me and link back to their page. Please, take a moment to visit their pages, they both have awesome blogs! Share 7 things about myself. Then pass this award to 15 newly discovered blogs!

So here are the links again to the two great bloggers that presented this award to me:
**Between Two Rams**
**I'm A Silly Mami**

And seven things about myself:

1.I started this blog on September 14, 2011, I actually had wanted to start one a year ago but was too chicken, I thought no one would follow me.

2. I have quite a few health problems. Fibromyalgia is my biggest hurdle, but I am no longer letting it take over my life!

3. My favorite number is five, it shows up a lot in my life. I was born on the fifth, my first born was born in the fifth month, I have five kids, I'm 5'5", there are five five's in a "special" number we all have when were born ;), I have had bills for $5.55 quite a few times. The number is always around me :)

4. I love to have breakfast any time of the day. My favorites are french toast and waffles, yummy!

5. I LOVE to give things. Whether it be sending a card or holding a giveaway, I love to think that I might have made someone's day a little bit better.

6. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever! I can eat sweet stuff all day long, but my weird quirk is I usually stick with one candy I like and then once I'm tired of it I switch to another one. Right now I'm into Skittles but I'm starting to switch to Twix, lol.

7. I absolutely LOVE to shop but not for myself. I tend to buy things for my husband, my kids or my mom, even strangers!

Now onto the hard part, picking 15 other bloggers. I would award every blog I have ever read but that's not the rules to this award :) So here are my fifteen:

*Coolinary Escapades
*The Aspie Side of Life
*Lifes Wonderful Moments
*In The Sweet Sunshine
*Good Girl Gone Green
*Reviews She ROTE
*Scrappy Sugar Girl
*Mommy Bags
*Loving Life with my Little Cupcake
*Free eBooks Daily
*Every Day Is A Country Song
*J's Reviews and Giveaways

Please go check out each of these blogs and follow them if you'd like!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh My Gosh $48.51!?! Thanks Sheer Cover!!

So any of you that have read my posts know that 1. I am extremely frugal and 2. I LOVE make-up. But I have never, ever spent $48.51 on one months worth of concealer and cover up, never ever never!! I have five kids, and we live off of my husband's income AND live with my parents because of the economy. I had ordered a sample box of Sheer Cover, I tried it and I was going to post some pictures of the results but life happened. So tonight I checked our bank account and they had already charged for a month's supply of Sheer Cover, mind you I just got the sample box that was suppose to be a month's supply. The make-up is nice, but I think for that amount of money there should be a number of other things included in the "package". I was never aware that they were going to send out my kit almost immediately after ordering the sample but that's my fault...I guess. So when I called to cancel they of course try to convince me otherwise, then tell me they aren't sure if they caught it in time and that if I still receive the kit to not open it and mark "return to sender", so that means my money will still be refunded in the next day or two right, WRONG!!! They inform me that they cannot guarantee that they caught the order in time and I ask "I won't know until when?" and the response "I don't know."

Wow. Great customer service (in my most sarcastic tone). By the way I am half laughing and half wanting to cry at this point. I try to keep track of every penny spent, the only time I splurge is on my kids, not for myself. I figure they will grow up and that will be when I can splurge on myself, I know I probably won't but it's an excuse I use for now. So I guess I will wait until next week to see if my money gets returned to me, it's ok it's not like I needed that money for food or necessities! No but really I will never order a sample and wait a few days to cancel, if I ever do a order like that ever again! I'll stick to my inexpensive make-up, if I could I would just make my own, lol. So now y'all have been warned if you order Sheer Cover sample kit be prepared to be (almost) immediately charged!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Loopeez Review and Giveaway!!!

Here it is my very first review and giveaway! Just a week after starting this blog and working on getting a good amount of followers I contacted Loopeez to possibly do a review and giveaway. I was so excited to hear back from Loopeez, they wanted me to do a review and host a giveaway! I am so honored!

 Loopeez are a educational and therapeutic shoe tying aide, something every child will need to learn at some point. Teaching a child how to tie shoe laces can be a somewhat frustrating, not only for you but for the child as well. Children want to learn things quickly, but they are still improving their eye and hand coordination between the ages of five to seven. With the help of Loopeez children can find tying their own shoes fun, and parents will be happy knowing their children are learning an everyday skill.

Another great benefit of Loopeez is the therapeutic or special needs use of them. They are not just for children, an adult going through rehabilitation can benefit greatly from using Loopeez. Any person with special needs will find that Loopeez can help them and make shoe tying a breeze. I found this to be true for myself. My hands will hurt and I will sometimes have a problem tying my own shoes, but when I tried Loopeez it was so easy I couldn't believe it, I tied and untied several times.

When I received my package I could hardly wait to test them out, actually I had my six year old daughter Isabella, or Bella, test them. I was given the choice of what Loopeez and shoelaces I would like for Bella. While visiting www.Loopeez.com I was surprised to see different designs and shoelaces available. I choose the pink with hearts because they match my daughter's new shoes, as well as the pink and white laces for the same reason. The Loopeez packaging has attractive graphics as well as the instructions clearly pictures step by step on the back. The laces were neatly packed as well. Here is what they looked like right out of the envelop I received:

Once Bella spotted these she took over quickly. She took her laces out of her shoes and immediately tried to lace them back up with the bi-colored Loopeez laces. I had to help with that but they were easy to use. Bella slipped her shoe on and tied the first as instructions say to do. The instructions on the back of the package for the Loopeez are so easy to understand, Bella did not ask any questions she just followed along with the instructions. Here are instructions from the Loopeez website; this is similar to the instruction's you will find on the Loopeez package:

Bella quickly tied her own shoes with no problems and no arguing with me! I love Loopeez! Not only is Bella able to tie her own shoes, but they stay tied! The material used to make Loopeez seems to keep the laces from becoming untied easily. I really find Loopeez to be helpful and easy to use for anyone! Here are some photos of Bella using Loopeez.

The first three photos I took, and then Bella wanted one from her point of view in the last photo.

Please go see for yourself the many choices that the Loopeez website has to offer at www. Loopeez.com. Purchasing Loopeez has been made easy using PayPal. You can also keep up with Loopeez by liking their Facebook at Facebook Loopeez

And now for the giveaway! Loopeez is giving away a Loopeez of your choice as well as Loopeez laces of your choice too! By entering below you are agreeing that everything you enter is true and correct.

I am so excited!

Oh I have some giveaways coming, one that should be posted on Monday! I'm working very hard to get some great things for my followers. I have had some difficulties because I don't have a thousand followers but I am working on that too. Again I appreciate every one of you that take the time to read my blog, I can promise you I am trying my hardest to bring you all some awesome giveaways.

Just wanted to post this real quick, to let you all know whats going on. Tomorrow, er today, I hope to get some baking done with my girls. Hopefully they will let me take their pictures, it always depends on their moods. So I'm off to do some following, then a few hours sleep. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!