One Mom's Moxie: Carving Pumpkins

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

This year our pumpkin carving was a little bit strange for me. For one thing I did it alone with my three daughters, and we used small pumpkins. This will be my second Halloween without my two oldest girls, hopefully next year I will have them. I love this time of year, I especially like getting my kiddies all dressed up and going out trick or treating. The two oldest are bummed they aren't with me this year, they love that I am really into the holidays. I am a kid at heart, I really like the girlie things and picking out new toys with my kiddies. I look at it like they only have one childhood so why not try to make it a fun and memorable one (for all the right reasons). This year has been a tough one on them and me, so trying to make Halloween and the rest of the year a better one is my goal.
Anyways, we had fun pulling all the guts out of the pumpkins. My girlie-tomboy Olivia really liked this part, she volunteered to check everyone's pumpkins before they started carving. There was also a first this year, normally I would NEVER allow them to carve their own pumpkins, but my youngest is six (going on sixteen) and I knew that the carving tools I bought were safe so with my supervision they all three got to carving. Well first they drew on their own faces, I went with a pattern on mine. They all turned out so good! I did help with carving the mouths out for my two youngest, they did a great job on their own though! Here's a few pics of our night:
Olivia and Bella mean business, Kaylen just likes to eat the insides, lol

As we continued into our carving Kaylen discovered a couple of hidden treasures in her pumpkin:
First she found a diamond ring, then a salt shaker?? LoL!!
Kaylen's kind of a ham, she cracks me up with the ideas she comes up with! I love how they all my kiddies use their imaginations! So here are our pumpkins, I am so proud of the great jobs they all did!!  I didn't think I would like my own as much as I do, it turned out so cool too! Here they are, photos taken by my wonderful son Anthony, he and I both like being behind the camera :)
First photo from smallest to biggest: Bella's, Olivia's and Kaylen's great carvings!
I love cats, this is in honor of my kitties that have passed.
 And now I leave you with a hilarious scene Kaylen made up, here are a couple photos of the scene:
She is so creative, I look forward to reading her first book or buying her first work of art!
 So we had a great weekend. Grandma took us to the carnival again, but it just wasn't the same the second time around. It ended up being a quick trip. On Sunday we went to this new place (new to us anyways) called A Book Barn. It's a used bookstore and they have such a huge selection and the books are in good condition. I was expecting the prices to be on the higher side but they were actually decent and they will buy our books back once we're done with them. They will only buy them back at half of what we paid but that's better than nothing, or trying to sell them at a yard sell for a quarter. Needless to say we plan on making it a place to go, I hope, at least once a month. Yup we had another awesome weekend!

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  1. Great carving skills! I found you on MBS and I'm now following you.