One Mom's Moxie: Oh My Gosh $48.51!?! Thanks Sheer Cover!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh My Gosh $48.51!?! Thanks Sheer Cover!!

So any of you that have read my posts know that 1. I am extremely frugal and 2. I LOVE make-up. But I have never, ever spent $48.51 on one months worth of concealer and cover up, never ever never!! I have five kids, and we live off of my husband's income AND live with my parents because of the economy. I had ordered a sample box of Sheer Cover, I tried it and I was going to post some pictures of the results but life happened. So tonight I checked our bank account and they had already charged for a month's supply of Sheer Cover, mind you I just got the sample box that was suppose to be a month's supply. The make-up is nice, but I think for that amount of money there should be a number of other things included in the "package". I was never aware that they were going to send out my kit almost immediately after ordering the sample but that's my fault...I guess. So when I called to cancel they of course try to convince me otherwise, then tell me they aren't sure if they caught it in time and that if I still receive the kit to not open it and mark "return to sender", so that means my money will still be refunded in the next day or two right, WRONG!!! They inform me that they cannot guarantee that they caught the order in time and I ask "I won't know until when?" and the response "I don't know."

Wow. Great customer service (in my most sarcastic tone). By the way I am half laughing and half wanting to cry at this point. I try to keep track of every penny spent, the only time I splurge is on my kids, not for myself. I figure they will grow up and that will be when I can splurge on myself, I know I probably won't but it's an excuse I use for now. So I guess I will wait until next week to see if my money gets returned to me, it's ok it's not like I needed that money for food or necessities! No but really I will never order a sample and wait a few days to cancel, if I ever do a order like that ever again! I'll stick to my inexpensive make-up, if I could I would just make my own, lol. So now y'all have been warned if you order Sheer Cover sample kit be prepared to be (almost) immediately charged!