One Mom's Moxie: Talkative Tuesday

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Talkative Tuesday

I'm calling today Talkative Tuesday because I feel like sharing so much. So I haven't been posting as many blogs lately because of life happening, and whenever I put life happening it could mean a couple of things. One, my family has kept me busy and life was pretty hectic, or the other possibility, my fibromyalgia flared up and caused more pain than usual. Now I have it under control for the most part. Lately life has been hectic. Living with my parents and losing custody of my daughters have got me busy, busy. I am kicked in high gear figuring some things out, so I can get my girls back. At first when I lost my girls I was going into a depressed state, but I took care of that and nipped it in the butt real quick. I am not happy that they are not with me half the time, I didn't give birth tot hem so my ex and his new wife could play house together. I am a step mom and invited her into my home, my life and was accepting as could be, then my ex and her decides that their going to be a hypocrites. There's way more to it but and what I have written is my opinion, and I am not saying their names :). For many years I stepped back and was nice, giving and well, not a *itch, but when you mess with the cubs your going to get the Momma Bear. So everyday is a fight, and I am keeping myself so far above the water now that I am now sitting in a boat, LoL. So out of this situation I could have been negative and angry, but I am positive and ready for anything. I want things to happen now but I'm on God's time. They might have figured I'd roll over and give up, but what they didn't count on is my faith. I have faith in the Lord and He has my back!! So as new things develop I will keep my followers (friends) updated :).

Now onto other things. Saturday I went to watch my son, ARod, play his football game, he plays defense. Both my sons play and they make me proud! My son actually sacked the QB on Saturday which is something he loves to do when he gets the chance, LoL. ARod's biggest love is football, he eats, sleeps and drinks football! Okay that may be a slight exaggeration, but seriously for an 8th grader, he LOVES the game. He's not just into football, he likes wrestling, basketball and sometimes baseball. He excels in every sport but his dream is to go into the NFL and I don't doubt for a minute that I won't be watching him play from the best seat in stadium when he makes it! Next Friday is my son, Ant's, football game. He was just picked to play gunner. So I can't wait to be there for it! Here are some pics of my boys :) (BTW, yes they are my stepsons and no I do not try to take the place of their mother, she is active in their lives, I just consider them my sons too and I have thanked her for having them)

The rest of my weekend just flew by. Had to go grocery shopping. Then to Michael's Craft Store, one of my favorite stores, to get ARod's supplies for his science project. Thankfully my mom helped figure out the easiest and best way to make his model of an element. So we get to work on that this week. Also mom and I made some more jewelry, I prefer making nice quality pieces, it's all about quality not quantity right?! :)

Oh I almost forgot my first giveaway ended! Congratulations to my very first winner Lacey! If you have read to the bottom of this post then your in luck, you will be the first to know I am part of a giveaway for one hundred dollars! It's literally for one hundred dollars through PayPal! The giveaway should start tomorrow, such exciting news! I will have other giveaways going on as well, so stay tuned, I might have to have a slight remodel of my blog :)

So I guess I have shared enough for Talkative Tuesday! Then again I might post again later you just never know! I hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Im following you back from the blog hop.

  2. Hey, I found you from Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! Your situation with the custody of your children really hits home for me, because I'm going through something similar myself. I'll be praying for you and your children, and I hope everything goes well for both of us.

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    Mary Ellen

  5. Elizabeth,

    Sorry to hear about your girls but so glad you are getting stronger and fighting for them. As long as you have faith, you can handle anything! Good Luck!


  6. Hi Elizabeth, nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am sorry that you haven't been feeling well, but it also looks like you have full beautiful life.

    Have a great week.

    xo ~ Salma from Chasing Rainbow

  7. I see you too are a proud Football mama! Hope you have a wonderful day. Following you back via GFC as masugr

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