One Mom's Moxie: Flavrz Drink Mixes Review

Monday, November 28, 2011

Flavrz Drink Mixes Review

I was given the opportunity to try Flavrz Drink Mix. Flavrz Drink Mix carries organic fruit and soda mixes. Their mixes are organic, low sugar, low calorie, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and no genetically modified ingredients. For the Flavrz Fruit Drink Mixes they use real organic fruit, botanical or fruit extracts and real sweeteners such as agave nectar and cane sugar. The Flavrz Soda Drink Mixes use the same great ingredients but they use a combination of agave nectar, cane sugar and stevia to find the right balance of sweetness. The Flavrz line also carries the energy, sports, and immunity drink mixes.

Flavrz has made healthy drinks even more convenient with their on-the-go pouches that you can easily pour into a bottle of water. The have the six different fruit drink mixes to choose from.

 The Flavrz Fruit Drink Mixes are made up of Tropical, Cherry Berry and Lemon Lime.

  Flavrz carries the energy, immunity and sports drink line made up of Fruit Punch, Citrus Hibiscus, and Super Fruit. The Fruit Punch is for re-energizing and re-focusing. The Citrus Hibiscus is to boost your immunity. The Super Fruit is for sports to replenish and refuel.

Flavrz also carries Organic Soda Drink Mixes in three wonderful flavrz! Cola, Root Beer and Ginger Ale. The Soda Flavrz come in 16 oz. bottles for the home. Soda Flavrz can be mixed in sparkling water to make your own organic soda!

When I received my Flavrz package I was surprised to see so many choices! My family and I were given the opportunity to try all six Flavrz Organic Fruit Mixes and the Flavrz Organic Root Beer Soda. I immediately went out to purchase the sparkling water. Root Beer is my favorite soda and I am really picky able the flavor of my root beer, but I happy to taste the Flavrz great Root Beer taste. I admit I was a little surprised that it was so good, and best of all it didn't have the syrupy taste that some soda have. It was nice to know I could give my children a tasty treat and not have to worry that they are drinking flavored sugar but something good and organic at that!

We also received a bottle of Cherry Berry, which really thrilled my children. They love fruit drinks to begin with but I try to limit how much they drink because of all the sugar and hard to pronounce ingredients. But with Cherry Berry I was able to make a pitcher full and we all got to enjoy the Fruit Flavrz!

We tried all six Flavrz Fruit pouches in different amounts of water as directions were given on the outside of the boxes. Honestly we loved all three choices of water amounts mixed with the pouches. Flavrz is a much better choice than some of the other drink pouches that are available. I like that I can pack one of the pouches in my child's lunch with their reusable bottle of water, or send it with them to use during a sports practice. The uses of the pouch are limitless!

So whether you are a parent or not, Flavrz Organic Drink Mixes is not only good for you but taste great! So take a chance and try Flavrz Drink Mixes! You can find them on Facebook at Flavrz Drink Mixes and Twitter @Flavrzdrinkmix.