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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Snikiddy Review and Coupon Link

As a mom and a person with health issues I am becoming increasingly concerned with what I am putting into my body and especially my childrens. I avoid fast food and now must watch my sodium intake. When I heard about Snikiddy Snacks and that their products were all natural I immediately thought two things, their snacks weren't going to have much flavor and that I wouldn't like them at all. I contacted Snikiddy about doing a review and they gladly sent me a coupon for two free products.

A little background....Snikiddy is short for persnickety, meaning choosy or picky. The business is family owned by a mother and daughter, Janet and Mary. When Janet's kids were young she would pack their lunches with healthy and organic food, which they preferred over anything else available, so because of this her children were referred to as persnickety kids. The passion for eating healthy passed on for the next couple generations until 2006 when Janet and Mary started Snikiddy, a version of the word persnickety that they kids came up with. They take pride in using quality ingredients that are simple and fresh.

As a parent I want to give my kids what they want within reason. When I went to pick my two bags I saw that there were quite a few options. But my kids and I agree on two kinds of chips barbecue and cheese. So I picked the barbecue fries and the grilled cheese puffs. Here's a pic:
The bags come in 4.5 ounces and have a serving size of 4 and a half. They are all natural, no MSG, peanut free and are vegan approved. For those on a low sodium diet there are only 190 mg per ounce in the barbecue fries, which is so low compared to other snacks out there. These fries and puffs are filled with flavor, so much I was actually surprised! I had doubted the product and I was wrong, there was a very large amount of flavor and I loved them! I even took a picture of the fries to show you that they actually have seasonings all over them:
I really enjoy Snikiddy Snacks and look forward to purchasing more bags and trying some of their other great flavors. Snikiddy would like to offer my readers a coupon that is on their Facebook. Here is their page: Snikiddy Facebook, go like them, tell them I sent you, print out a product coupon and go try their delicious snacks! When you try their product or have already please feel free to share with me in a comment below, I love hearing from you all!

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