One Mom's Moxie: Wednesday Already!?!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Already!?!

Hello, hello!!! I can't believe it's Wednesday! In just 3 more days I will turn 30! Yup it's going to be my birthday! Usually I get a little depressed on my birthday but this year I am going to make sure to have fun no matter what. My mom, who is my best friend and who I live with, asked if I wanted to have a party but it's no fun to plan your own party so I just never answered. I think this year I will just play with my kiddies, I am trying to think of what to do though. Any ideas?

It looks like everyone had a nice Halloween. We only had our 6yr old, Bella, this year. She dressed as a "Pretty Witch" instead of a scary ugly one. She looked cute, but wearing all black doesn't make people think pretty, so quite a few people were saying, "Oh look it's a scary witch!" Of course Bella didn't care as long as they gave her candy, LOL! Oh and now she hates having her picture taken, but she loves to take pictures. Now I have a bunch of pics on my phone that make no sense to me but she had fun taking them. Bella did allow my hubby to take one picture of her, he told her it was for grandma and grandpa, which it was but I also wanted it for here :)
Bella the "Pretty Witch"
I have some cool giveaways coming up! They will be great for the holidays. :) Is there something any of you would like to see me review and possibly giveaway?


  1. 30 is so young! Wait until you hit the big 5 0 which I will be next year. I'm ancient :). Your daughter makes a delightful witch, how cute!!

  2. Happy birthday! And Bella IS a pretty witch!