One Mom's Moxie: It's December Already!?!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December Already!?!

Hey everyone! I cannot believe it's December already! Where did the year go? I hope that my last month of 2011 is better than the last eleven months have been. I have been working on some major changes in my life, and I am happy with the outlook. For those who haven't read my postings or if you have and don't remember I just started this blog September 14, 2011. This blog has been a blessing, and I am so grateful for it!

I have some big plans for this blog and my writing. I hope to become a well known blogger :) I love to do reviews and giveaways! I am open to reviewing just about any product out there, I am not picky! The big companies started out small at one point in time, so anyone that would like their product reviewed and you might like to do a giveaway just contact me! My email is OneMomsMoxie(at)gmail(dot)com.

And last but not least, does anybody do New Years Resolutions? In the past I have made some resolutions but never followed through. This year I really, really want to make a promise to myself to lose over a hundred pounds. I just need encouragement and will power. My Fibromyalgia makes it difficult too. I guess I'll see how I am feeling about making one around New Years :) If anyone else is making a resolution and would like encouragement, please let me know in comment or email, I am willing to be there to help push you towards whatever goal you have set for yourself!

Happy December! Don't forget to enter the Winter Wonderbucks Giveaway!! I will be posting another review and giveaway in the next day or two!