One Mom's Moxie: Just a Few More Days Until Christmas

Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a Few More Days Until Christmas

There are only a handful of days left to do Christmas shopping and I'm still not finished! To make matters worse I have come down with a cold!! I don't catch colds or get the flu as often as I think I am going to. To explain that I have five kids and if you can think of all the germs they come in contact with, not to mention the several times they have had a cold this year I have been expecting it, but not at Christmas time. Having Fibromyalgia and a cold is like someone stepped all over me, and then stuffed my nose, scratched my throat, took away my sense of taste and have a vise on my head. Oh yes, it that pleasant. So thanks to some dayquil I was able to tolerate some of my symptoms. But I have more Christmas shopping to get done and a list of reviews to complete.

Enough of my complaining! One thing I am happy about it that I will have more time with my kids during this Christmas vacation. I love it when they are home. Now I need to come up with activities to keep them occupied so I can get some reviews done. What are your plans for the holidays? What do you do with your kids for their break? I'd love to hear what everyone else does, as well as get some ideas of what to do, we have done a lot of arts and crafts but there is always something new out there.