One Mom's Moxie: My December Winnings...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My December Winnings...

So I enter A LOT of giveaways every month, I can't enter ones that I participate in of course, but I make up for it in the other ones. In the beginning of the month I received an email stating I won a $50 Amazon gift card, I was so excited I could use that money for Christmas presents! The blog I entered to win it from will remain nameless because I am so angered by them, for a month now I have emailed and sent direct messages on Twitter asking for the gift card, no response! As a blogger you do not do that to your readers, that is not only a horrible thing to do as a blogger but as a person as well. They have been on Twitter sending out tweets, so I know they have received my messages. Bad, bad blogger!

Fortunately the other things I won this month have come in, well all but a couple but I know the items will come soon. From the awesome blog, Front Porch Reviews, I won a Cathy Rankin calendar. I didn't have much use for a calendar of Cathy wearing different tiny outfits, but my step-dad liked it so he got an early Christmas present. Then from the great blog, Tethered Mommy, I won a VeggieTales: Little Drummer Boy DVD and Classic Christmas Collection Box Set on Blu-Ray! These were nice to watch before Christmas. At the super cool blog, Fatty Bumpkins, I won a $25 Toys R Us gift card! What perfect timing since Christmas was right around the corner! From the fun blog, Staying Me, I won a $50 gift code to EdenFantasys.com. I like that they sale make-up and bath & body items too. And then from one of my most favorite blogs ever, Whole Lotta Mama, I won a gift pack with Eco-Lips chapstick with a Eco Clip Carabiner, 3 Monkey Balms and a Surprise Gift Pack! I also won a baby sling randomly on Twitter from Baba Sling Ltd as well as a $50 gift code to FashionPlaytes.com from being a part of a Twitter party with MomCentral.com, this was my second twitter party ever! I have given the links to the blogs and sites for you to go check them out, and let them know I sent you if you want :) I trust these sites and know they are wonderful!!!

So I can say it definitely pays to do the giveaways, whether it is in Rafflecopter form or joining a Twitter party. For my giveaways I use Rafflecopter, and inside rafflecopter they use random.org to pick the winner, so I have no choice who wins, no influence what so ever. As a blogger I realize there can be disappointment in losing but please don't take it out on the blogger. I have gone a month without winning and then have a really good month like December, so don't enter expecting to win, just be grateful when you do. Above all just have fun, and remember to leave a comment once in awhile telling the blog owner how much you appreciate the chance to win something!