One Mom's Moxie: EdenFantasys Come Join the Eden Cooks Club!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

EdenFantasys Come Join the Eden Cooks Club!

Warning: This post may have some adult content not suitable for children, I just want to make that clear from the beginning. Thank you!

While browsing through EdenFantasys Community I found the link to the Eden Cooks Club! I was surprised to see so many great recipes! Now I know some people are not comfortable shopping around on a "adult" website but this site is not all about "adult things". There are plenty of other clubs that EdenFantasys has to offer. You can join the community to see for yourself. 

I did want to share one recipe that I found on the site that I thought many of you might enjoy trying to make. They are called Whoppers Cookies. I would post the entire recipe here on my page but it's much easier to just give you the link to the recipe. A member named Peggi came up with this very yummy sounding cookie recipe. I might have to make them myself! So here is the link to the Whoppers Cookies. If you make them please post a picture of them on my Facebook wall and let me know how much you liked them.

I can't wait to see more wonderful recipes come from the Eden Cooks Club. I am not big on cooking but if the right recipe comes along then I might get the courage to try to make it. So for all you cooks or bakers that love to share your recipes or like trying others I suggest joining the Eden Cooks Club!  

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*Disclosure: Please note that I received a gift card in order to conduct a review. No other monetary compensation was provided. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.