One Mom's Moxie: It's a Family Fun Night Giveaway - Jumanji Style Adventures Ahead!

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's a Family Fun Night Giveaway - Jumanji Style Adventures Ahead!

Family Fun Night Jumanji Movie and Book Giveaway
This is a Family fun night giveaway filled with adventure for your family - a Jumanji DVD or Blu-Ray and an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the award-winning book! Mama Luvs Books, and several other amazing bloggers have worked together to bring you this giveaway, and we've put together not only a DVD, Blu-Ray Combo, and not only an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the award-winning Jumanji book, but also a $15 Amazon gift card just for you to personalize your family night with! This week's Family Fun Night Giveaway will score you an amazing book and movie set that your family can enjoy for years to come, but to win you have to work through your own adventure of sorts! Before you set off on your journey through the Rafflecopter waters of Destruction (cool name, right?), read a little more about just what you will receive if you survive the journey and are chosen as the victor! First, let's introduce a silent member of this adventure team, without him none of this would be possible! Author Chris Van Allsburg very generously donated an autographed copy of his book for one of you lucky folks to win! Feel free to like his Facebook Page in the RaffleCopter below to show your thanks. You can also check out the author's amazingly interactive site, or check out any one of his other award-winning books, like The Polar Express and Zathura. He's also a talented artist and sculptor, with his art winning awards and honors as well.

The Amazing and Terrifying Movie of Suspense ... Jumanji!

This is a rated PG movie filled with action and suspense, and it WILL terrify and enthrall you with the wonders of this amazing story!

Jumanji DVD & Blu-Ray Special Features

          • Ancient Diversions
          • Ancient Diversions: Severed Finger
          • Secret & Riddles Game
          • The Extreme Book of Nature
          • Jumanji Jungle Adventure: Virtual Board Game
          • Special Effects Commentary
          • Making Jumanji: The Realm of Imagination
          • Lions and Monkeys and Pods... Oh-My!
          • Production Design: Bringing Down the House
          • Storyboard Comparisons

Description of Jumanji:

From the Amazon.com description: "Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst and Bonnie Hunt star in this phenomenal adaptation of the award-winning children's book. When young Alan Parrish discovers a mysterious board game, he doesn't realize its unimaginable powers, until he is magically transported before the startled eyes of his friend, Sarah, into the untamed jungles of Jumanji! There he remains for 26 years until he is freed from the game's spell by two unsuspecting children. Now a grown man, Alan (Williams) reunites with Sarah (Hunt) and together with Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter (Bradley Pierce) tries to outwit the game's powerful forces in this imaginative adventure that combines breathtaking special effects with an enchanting mixture of comedy, magic and thrills."

Go on an Adventure in Your Mind with Jumanji

This award-winning book is a classic adventure thriller that will delight the readers in your house, young and old. And as an amazing bonus, the author, Chris Van Allsburg, has sent us an autographed copy to give to one of our amazingly brave and enlightened adventurers! What an amazing opportunity to have something even more amazing to treasure, along with an amazing story! From the Amazon.com description of the book: "A 30th anniversary gift edition to celebrate the magic of Jumanji! Thirty years ago, Peter and Judy first found the game—Jumanji—with the instructions that once the game is started, it must be finished or it will go on forever—and thirty years ago, with this same wonderment, readers found Jumanji, too. Since its original publication, Jumanji has been honored with many awards, including the Caldecott Medal, and in 1996, the surreal story was adapted to fit the big screen. This special anniversary edition of Jumanji contains a CD of the renowned actor Robin Williams reading the timeless tale.

Are you Ready to Begin your adventure to Score Jumanji?

It's not that hard, and you will probably survive it ... simply follow at least all the mandatory entries in the Rafflecopter below. And if you are a brave little adventurer ... you can complete extra entries to make your odds of survival (and winning!) even greater! Are you ready? Roll the dice ... er ... enter the Rafflecopter! And good luck!
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