One Mom's Moxie: Living with My Folks

Monday, January 30, 2012

Living with My Folks

This guest post from Werner Rogers

As much as I enjoyed the amenities of living with my parents, I really wanted to live by myself while I was still in college. My parents made the suggestion that before I go off and do so I should really think hard about the cost of having my own place. My parents do pay my tuition and give me a little spending money but I also work part-time and made (what I thought) was enough to pay rent. I guess I never really considered all the other expenses that go into where you live. My dad helped me figure out the costs beyond rent like cable, internet, Electric Rates, insurance etc. Plus you have to buy all the items you need for housekeeping including furniture. I had no idea that paying rent was just the tip of the iceberg. After estimating all of the expenses that would go into living on my own I realized maybe it wasn’t such a great idea. I never realized how good I had it here at home with dear old mom and dad.