One Mom's Moxie: The Month Went By So Fast!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Month Went By So Fast!!

So I realized I have been slacking in writing a post at least once a week just about me and life. Obviously I cannot share everything about my life, some things must be kept personal. There are so many things that have happened that I wish I could share with all of you but they are not for everyone to know about. So on that note I will move onto the things I can talk about!
First let me say thank you to all of you that have entered my Scentsy giveaway, it still has some time left but I never would have thought it would have gone as well as it has. For those that are interested in purchasing anything Scentsy PLEASE order from my online party! Here is the link: https://hannahvick.scentsy.us/Buy?partyId=69944342 and if for some reason that link doesn't work try this one and just scroll through the party list to One Mom's Moxie here: https://hannahvick.scentsy.us/Home. If I am able to get a good amount of orders I will hold another Scentsy giveaway! So make sure you pass my online party link around and help me so I can then do another giveaway :)
Ok and now onto some more great news! I have so many giveaways coming up that I want to make sure that everyone pays close attention to my postings and just to make sure you don't miss any giveaways you can sign up for my emails. I will share a couple of things with you. Within the next week I will be posting a review/giveaway for a Valentines Day basket, coloring items, diamond earrings, and many other items! Do you like how I snuck diamond earrings in there? You'll see what I am talking about :) I am also working on finding some more great items to review and giveaway. I absolutely love holding a giveaway. I have gotten some really sweet emails and comments, which I enjoy immensely.
And last but not least this is where I need your input. I would like to hold flash giveaways on my Facebook fan page, so I am willing to contact companies about sponsoring these flash giveaways. But here's what I need to know,  what would you like to win in a flash giveaway? I know everyone enjoys money, but not all companies like to do that, they prefer to give you their products to try. So what do you all like, want or need?? I can't wait to read what you all would like to win! Leave me a comment below, post it on my Facebook or send me a Tweet!