One Mom's Moxie: Save Mart Grocery Shopping and Fuel Rewards Shop #CBias #Collective Bias

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Save Mart Grocery Shopping and Fuel Rewards Shop #CBias #Collective Bias

I was given the opportunity to be a part of a shoppertunity for Social Fabric and Collective Bias. I was given the task to share my planning for a dinner and shopping experience with you all. My mom and I decided it would be the kids choice to pick our dinner, wouldn't you know they pick steaks! So what goes good with a steak but a baked potato.
So I wrote out our grocery list which included:
5 Steaks, 6 Baker Potatoes, Sour Cream, French Bread Loaf, Dutch Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream.

So we started our shopping at Save Mart, which is our local supermarket right down the street. We had picked up most of our groceries when the most hilarious thing happened. I wasn't sure if I should share this but it's too funny not to. My 11year old is very curious, but she doesn't always think things through before she does them. There was a fake squishy egg toy with a hard plastic cover with a hole to feel the egg. Well she decided to feel the egg with her thumb and got it stuck. Panic set in for her, I couldn't help but laugh! Here's a picture:

It wasn't the cheap thin plastic that's easy to rip off, so fortunately I keep scissors in the car for coupons, so I was able to cut it off easily. After that little fiasco we got back to shopping. We finished by grabbing the vanilla ice cream. Once we reached the register I knew I needed to get my Save Mart Supermarkets Rewards Card out and ready! With this rewards card I am able to save 5 cents on each gallon of gas at the participating gas stations. Just from my shopping trips in January I have earned 30 cents off each gallon! That's pretty good!


Here's what I got for our meal.

Because it is such a simple meal all I needed to do was season the steaks with garlic salt and pepper, then stick them in the oven on broil and keep a close eye on them. I put the potatoes in the microwave to "bake", one good tip I learned was not to puncture the potatoes they cook better without holes poked in them. I opened a jar of sliced peaches and my daughter put butter and garlic salt on the french bread. Our meal was simple but not complete without dessert. I warmed the Dutch Apple Pie, you can warm store bought pies as long as they are still in the pie tin. Preheat your oven to about 300 degrees, then put the pie in for about 15 minutes. I suggest putting it on a cookie sheet and keep a close eye on the pie, you don't want it to cook just warm up. Then serve in bowls with scoops of vanilla ice cream! Here's my daughter making garlic french bread, she loves to help me with cooking.

We had a wonderful meal together. It's nice to have a meal with the family all together whenever it's possible. You can see more about my shopping trip here on my Google+ album, Save Mart Grocery/Fuel Rewards Shop.

*This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, all opinions are my own.*