One Mom's Moxie: My Travel Phone - Guest Post

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Travel Phone - Guest Post

Staying Connected Overseas

I do consider myself as a savvy traveler who find himself regularly abroad on business, including France, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I pretty much have multiple projects in various stages of my business, which typically means I have to frequently check my mails, make phone calls, text business partners, and surf the web with my mobile phone overseas. Precisely, I can’t afford to be out of touch for much more than a few hours. And not being in touch with my peers, family and clients can be even more costly.

But I have heard somewhere that it's not that complicated to stay in touch from abroad - on the cheap - if you know how best to use the technology available to you these days. So, I’ve made a lot of effort into figuring out the technology available for being reachable by phone and e-mail without taking a toll on my budget. Trust me; it can be a pricey affair to run up a thousand-dollar bill on your cell phone in a single trip if you don’t know the benefits of using the smart technology- buying an International SIM Card.

With smart phones and newer technology, it's no exception to stay in touch with cell phones when traveling out of the country. There are many reputed companies that have emerged for the best International SIM card offers. Since the international number was given to me before I even resumed my journey, it allowed me to distribute that particular number to my friends, family and business partners so they all can stay in touch with me, whenever required. Really, these several telecommunication giants have made it easy for globetrotters like me to stay connected while moving abroad.  

Julia Connor - About the Author:

 Julia works with an international SIM card provider and helps customers take massive savings of up to 85% on international call charges and receive international roaming calls on the go for free. MyTravelPhone.net offers Travel SIM Card solution and   International SIM Card  which significantly help reduce mobile phone charges 
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