One Mom's Moxie: As a Fellow Blogger, A Friend Needs Help From Us

Thursday, March 8, 2012

As a Fellow Blogger, A Friend Needs Help From Us

A very good friend of mine that I met through blogging needs our help. Her name is Lisa Charleston and her blog is Night Helper. Her son’s home burnt down and lost everything. The family included her son, her daughter in law and her 2 grandsons. Luckily, everyone escaped and is safe and sound. This was the last picture taken before they had to tear it down.
We are here to help another blogger out. We are now accepting donations of any amount. 
You will be sending donations directly to Lisa’s paypal, so no one else will be touching your money! We figured if you all can sign up for giveaway events, what’s it going to hurt to help a fellow blogger’s family out? 
Let’s all pitch in, give what we can and send it to Lisa. Charity is rewarded from God! Please use the Google Doc to fill out the form and send your donation.