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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SmartStyleGuide.com For All Your Style Needs!

I am by no means a big time fashionista, I would love to be though! I really enjoy looking at the different styles of clothing, jewelry and accessories. Because I am a plus size woman I am not always able to find things that are my size and "in" style. So to make up for that I like to accessorize. I am just beginning this new adventure into finding myself and my style. I love it! There is not many places you can turn to for style advice that will also consider that everyday people cannot afford the $500 purse or even the $200 one. 

Using the site SmartStyleGuide.com is really a go-to site for anyone looking for style advice that can have a low budget or a high one (oh I would love a high one!). While looking through SmartStyleGuide.com I came across a really cool article that I want to share with you all. It's titled, Splurge or Save?, and it truly is an awesome article. So that you read the article I will only share one neat rule I liked a lot. It's call CPW=Cost Per Wear. You can take whatever item you are wanting to purchase and divide it by how many times you think you will wear it. This is a great rule to live by for those large purchases. So the next time you want to buy those jeans for $150, try to predict how many times you will wear the jeans and divide it by the price. 

Now the website SmartStyleGuide.com is not just about Fashion & Style. There is also the Beauty Secrets & Tips, Hairstyles for Women, Product Reviews and Special Features. I look forward to reading more of the Smart Style Guide's articles and finding new great tips to share with all of you. You can also keep up with Smart Style Guide on Facebook, stop by to say "Hi!" or read their new posts.