One Mom's Moxie: April Fools!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!!!

Every year I think I will try to pull a April Fools prank and every year I just end up telling some corny lie, then say April Fools! I am wondering just how many people actually participate in April Fools Day? If you do, what was your best April Fools prank? Do you try to outdo yourself every year? Have you ever had a April Fools joke/prank pulled on you that you bought? 
In the spirit of April Fools Day my daughter found a site that had a cute word search printable that doesn't actually have the words listed, here's the site link: April Fool Zone. They also have some other pranks but I don't really like ones that can hurt physically or emotionally. It doesn't look like this site has any like that though. There is also some fun things on the Family Fun site. Whatever you do this April Fools Day remember to make it a fun day and feel free to share your experiences with me!