One Mom's Moxie: Spring Break...Broken!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break...Broken!

I had plans this week to make it a fun Spring Break! I thought we could go on a picnic and visit a new park, make cookies and do girly things. But no of course not, the stupid stomach flu has to come and take over! I feel horrible my 8 year old, Olivia, is the main "victim". She had it last week then over the weekend she was good and then first thing Monday morning, first day of vacation, it comes back with a vengeance! It is now slowly spreading to the rest of the family. I am thinking maybe my stomach hurts just for sympathy, lets hope. Any home remedies are welcome!

With my daughter being sick it reminds me of the Spring Break when I had chicken pox, oh it was not pleasant! Good thing they have vaccinations now! Although I have been on the fence about those too. So many things to think/worry about as a parent!

On a positive note I hope everyone else that is on Spring Break is having a delightful one! I plan on helping my Livy feel better as quickly as possible so we can enjoy the rest of Spring Break with her sisters. Here's to un-breaking our (so far) broken Spring Break!