One Mom's Moxie: ::Warning:: Mom Ranting!

Monday, April 16, 2012

::Warning:: Mom Ranting!

Some of you have been my readers since I started this blog and know that I went through a custody battle, which in the end we ended up with the same amount of time. But that's not my rant today, my rant is about my lovely, most beautiful preteen daughter. My ex is in training somewhere else, so my two oldest daughters are with me for a entire month possibly a little longer. Which don't get me wrong I have been in heaven having them home with me, I love looking over and watching them sleep, I love getting them to school half an hour away, heck I even love it when they are screaming and running through the house. I just absolutely love having them home with me. 

Here's my rant. My daughter is a preteen and well for the most part chats with me and is good. But then there's like this weird alien version of her, LoL. Like what happen to my baby?! She answers sarcastically and squints her eyes, and don't get me started on her tone! One minute I am super cool mom, the next I am so dumb for even asking a question. No she doesn't say I am dumb, because she knows if she did she would lose her phone for the day and that's like her lifeline, she cannot breath without that phone! 

I remember when she was littler when I use to think one day when she is a preteen/teen we will hang out, be BFF's (but I will still be mom) and go have all sorts of fun together. WRONG!!! She isn't embarrassed of me....yet, but she doesn't want to hang out with me unless I am taking her somewhere with her friends or taking her clothes shopping. I know I am not the only mother that has gone through this and I know I am not the last. I have backed off to give her space and still nothing. I am becoming more strict and ::GASP:: have taken away her phone for talking back and I even implemented a 3 strike rule. It was only 30 minutes into this morning and she already got 1 strike, LoL. 

I know, I know I need to have patience. It will only get worse before it gets better. Girls are just like that. Its all her hormones. She'll appreciate me one day. I can go on and on with all the things I have heard. I am curious what other mom's have done in my position? Did you go through something similar? Maybe I am being too easy on her? I would love any and all feedback. Ok my rants over :)