One Mom's Moxie: Is the Versatility Brought by Net10 worth Your Buck?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is the Versatility Brought by Net10 worth Your Buck?

Phones have become more than just a tool for communication. Nowadays, phones are also used for net surfing, social networking, email syncing, satellite navigating, and so on. However, not all people are after such services and many are just after the basic functions. The growing range of phone usage has significant implications when it comes to choosing a network. If you have a specific function in mind then the most logical choice is to select a network that can offer you all of the functions that you need
for the least amount of money. However, the choice becomes harder and more complicated when you are indefinite about the function that you want your phone to do or if you have a specific range of functions in mind. For example, there will be weeks or months wherein you will be busy and will require heavy data usage. However, you will only be using your phone for its basic functions (calling and texting) when possible.

If your circumstances are similar to the latter, then I would suggest getting a cheap versatile network for a start. A good example of such network is Net10. The reason why Net10 is one of the most versatile network providers around is that it was specifically created to be one. This network is a brand of
Tracfone wireless, together with Straight Talk. Tracfone Wireless has three network brands; Tracfone, Net10, and Straight Talk. Tracfone is made for very light phone usage supporting only basic functions such as calling and texting. Straight Talk, on the other hand is made for heavy data and talk time users. Lastly, Net10 is meant to be a versatile network to fit in the middle of Tracfone and Straight Talk.

To check how versatile Net10 is and if it fits the lifestyle that you have in mind, we will be examining it in terms of features that are significant for a great phone subscription experience. These criteria are features, phone selection, network coverage, customer services, and affordability. To start with our review, we will be examining Net10's unique features.

Not all networks are the same. Each network has their own set of distinctive features to make it more appealing to a certain target group and thus significant when choosing a network as a good set of features can make you enjoy your subscription more or get more for less.

One of Net10's features lets you enjoy the benefits of postpaid connection's hassle free connection. This feature is Net10 Reserve. Using this feature, you can buy an airtime in advance and program it to be topped up automatically into your phone one month after your last subscription.

Another similar feature by Net10 is the Net10 Auto Refill. This feature automatically refills your phone, once depleted, with talk time using your debit card or credit card information.

Net10 also allows you to check your remaining talk time from the phone itself or from your internet browser. Overall, Net10's features allow you to use your phone without much hassle. However, it does not provide much option in terms of affordability or cutting edge functionality. In terms of features, I'm giving Net10 2 out of 5.

In terms of phone selection, Net10 offers decent phones. Although not as sophisticated as those offered by AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, Net10's phones are quite competitive when it comes to smart functions as it also has Bluetooth compatibility, satellite navigation, web browsing, social networking, etc. Net10 offers phones like LG Optimus Q, LG Optimus Net, Samsung R455C, LG Optimus Black, and so on. Among its list of phones, Net10 only offers 3 Android phones so it isn't really big when it comes to choices. However, the phones in its list can work for most people aside for those who are looking for cutting edge technology and specifications like the iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy Note. For this, Net10 will be getting 3 out of 5.

We all know that Tracfone is one of the networks that has the largest coverage, which is 99 percent of the USA. Net10, being a brand of Tracfone, also enjoys these perks when it comes to GSM and UMTS networks (2g and 3g). However, since Net10 does not offer4G compatible phones, 4G LTE network is unavailable on Net10. Because of excellent GSM and UMTS networks and lacking LTE coverage, we're giving Net10 4 out of 5 in terms of coverage.

Net10's customer services are known for its quality. Because of the nature of prepaid subscription, problems rarely occur and misunderstandings are not as frequent compared to postpaid subscriptions. Because of this, most calls or support request that Net10 receive are simple inquiries or known issues
that are easily resolvable. This result to satisfying customer services in general which deserve 4 out of 5.

Affordability and Versatility is Net10's strongest point. If you are in a low budget and are after light to medium phone usage, then Net10 can offer 200 Minutes for $15. If you have suddenly decided that you would need heavier phone usage for a particular month or a set period of time, then Net10
has affordable monthly plans that offer 750 minutes for $25, $45 for unlimited talk time, and $60 for unlimited international talk time. Compared to other networks, Net10 is not the cheapest one around. However, it has one of the most versatile price ranges that can go low from light talk time usage to moderately heavy one. The real savings that you get from Net10 is from the fact that you will not need a backup or separate phone for heavy usage or during times of light usage. Among all versatile networks, Net10 is one of the cheapest. However, if you will have a consistent phone usage, I suggest going for Tracfone (with Tracfone promo codes) if you are a light user and Straight Talk, Cricket, or Sprint if you are a heavy user. This depends on what particular speed and function you are looking for. In terms of affordability, Net10 is getting 3 out 5.