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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Daughter's Latest Antics

This last Sunday was my oldest daughter's 12th birthday. Unfortunately for her she was grounded so she lost all rights to a big party, but really it was all her own doing. She brought it on herself, it wasn't just me being mean. I still bought her gifts and got an ice cream cake (she hates regular cake). If you heard it from her side it would be my fault. You see I have now entered the "Specific Zone", kind of like the Twilight Zone but I think the Twilight Zone would be fun compared to being in the Specific Zone. Let me explain.

My daughter has this way about getting around to telling the truth. She has decided if you don't ask her specifically then she doesn't have to tell you specifically. So when I asked if she drank the last of the juice, and she says no, then I find out she did and her response is you didn't say which juice. That's just small beans compared to some of the other specific things. 

One of the bigger ones was when she had a "boyfriend" right before she turned 12, she said he was 14 then said he was a freshman in High School. Now I never said she could have a "boyfriend" but since she had never seen him in person I figured she would dump him after a couple days. Long story short I did some research and found out the boy was 15! She was only 11 for goodness sake! So I told her it was over, she lied and that he was too old for her. Her reaction was that she told me he was a Freshman and everyone knows that freshman are 15!! Wait what?!? And now she is heart broken and it's my fault. Yeah it was my fault

Her latest was sneaking onto Facebook, I have yet to delete her Facebook, I feel bad but I am so tired of being lied too. Her father & I agreed she will no longer have a Facebook until she is in High School. Not that it would matter if I delete her Facebook because she has already made a fake one. I guess I wasn't specific enough when I said no more Facebook! I just can't decide if I should keep her real one open as leverage against her, like I am going to embarrass you on your Facebook page if you don't.... 

Yeah I know it's mean but she does not care if you take everything away, well I am sure she does she has just mastered the "I don't care" attitude. So I guess I will make sure to post something "specifically" embarrassing then we'll see if it changes her ways. I never expected her to be this difficult, I mean she was the cutest baby, how did 12 years go by so fast!? 

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