One Mom's Moxie: Showing Support for MMA #CBias

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Showing Support for MMA #CBias

Having a large family has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. Not that I would change having five children, but I would have made better choices. For instance my sons play sports in school, but for years they have wanted to join  a martial arts program. Their love of martial arts started when they would watch MMA matches and when the show Ultimate Fighter came on, they really wanted to train to become a fighter too. Watching the Ultimate Fighter for the first time in 08' with Nogueira vs. Mir was a season even I can't forget. Frank Mir drove me nuts, our entire family was team Nogueira. We were so happy that team Nogueira won, and the love of MMA has been growing ever since. 
Since we have such a large family there is no way we could afford any martial arts programs. So my sons have lived their dream of fighting through supporting their favorite fighters and wearing MMA Elite clothing. I was excited when I was chosen to shop for some MMA Elite shirts at our local Walmart, you can see my shopping experience on my Google+. My journey began with picking a shirt for my oldest son, Anthony.
Anthony loves his new MMA Elite shirt. He said, "I really like the design on it and the color, can you get some more of the MMA Elite shirts?" I would say that was a thumbs up from a 16 year old. Next was picking on for my son, Angel, he can be kind of picky.
When I gave Angel his shirt he said, "I like the color and the cross but I don't really like the skulls. It's okay though." I have to agree that I didn't care for the skulls either but I knew the color was perfect for him. All I had left was picking a shirt for my husband, Rene, he was most excited about getting an MMA Elite shirt.
My husband was so excited for his new shirt! He said, " I like the crosses, the blue color on the black and I really like the MMA Elite words on the front!" He will wear this shirt with so much pride. I asked my guys to take a picture wearing their new MMA Elite shirts and they wanted to act all serious like a true MMA fighter.
I was happy that they liked their new shirts, I know they will wear them all the time. They all three have requested more MMA Elite shirts and other apparel. I waited for a couple of seconds and I was able to snap a picture of them smiling, they were already talking about past MMA fights and who they are supporting now. My husband is team Faber for the Ultimate Fighter Live that's coming up. Can't wait to watch the fight!
I am definitely going back to Walmart to pick up some more MMA Elite apparel, with Fathers Day coming up my kids will have the perfect gift for their Dad and I know he will love to wear anything MMA Elite!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are 100% my own! #CBias

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