One Mom's Moxie: Spiegel - For All The Newest Trends

Friday, May 11, 2012

Spiegel - For All The Newest Trends

For me it's hard to imagine shopping out of a catalog but that's exactly how women shopped for anything from Spiegel when they started in 1905. Skip ahead 20 years and they had grown to 10 million customers, that's a lot of customers! Spiegel kept up with the fashion trends and was the first catalog to bring European trends to America. Over 100 years later, Spiegel continues to meet the needs of their customers. Whether they are sharing tips from experts or new designs Spiegel is ready for the next new thing!

The fashions in the Signature Collections are full of beautiful, unique clothing. They are pieces that you can mix and match, they can be worn for work or out to that special event. After looking some more around the site I came across the plus size section, it was nice to see that Spiegel doesn't just cater to only one type of body size. They also have a petite section filled with just as many great finds. Some of Spiegel's fashionable pieces go in the Chic and Current up to 60% off section. I personally found several great items that I would love to own. There was a variety of jewelry, handbags, bathing suits and clothing. 

Never one to disappoint Spiegel is already bringing in new pieces in the New Arrivals section. These are great for the Spring and can be worn in the Summer months as well. From tunics to jumpsuits and everything in between there is something to wear for every occasion. It does not stop there though they have many versatile items in the Shoes and Accessories with many stylish pieces of jewelry, handbags and shoes. I could spend hours going through and creating outfits, dreaming up the possibilities. I now know where to look when I need my next suit or classy dress for a date night. As the years pass I look forward to seeing the fashions change and to watch Spiegel grow even larger than it already is.