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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Himalayan Salt Lamp Giveaway!!! Great Guest Review!!

Himalayan Salt Lamp the natural way to clean the air you breathe!

The picture you are seeing, is of a 4-5lbs Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Are you asking yourself...

"What is a Himalayan Salt lamp?"

My Review By Emptynester Reviews:

All opinions within this review are completely my own, I only recommend items I, myself would use and feel would be beneficial to my readers.
A Himalayan Salt Lamp has been an eye opening revolution for me, as I was not at all aware of all the health benefits that Salt can have. I have heard on a tv program in the past, that Salt Mines have been known to help people breathe better, but I didn't remember exactly why that was. I was so excited to run into the Himalayan Salt Lamp site online at http://www.himalayansaltshop.com/ and I was lucky enough to get a review for the Himalayan Salt Lamp and study up on how a person can get the benefit from real salt Products.
The Himalayan Salt Lamp, is known to cleanse the air we breathe, by the same basic principals the Ionizing machines do without the heavy duty price tag associated with those machines.
Did you know when salt is heated, it releases negative ions in the air?
Did you also know that the dust and other pollutants in your home are positive ions?
Well I didn't, but I do NOW!
Then when the Negative ions, from the heated salt, meet up with the positive ions of the pollutants, they bond and fall to the ground and the are out of air circulation!
How cool is that? I feel so scientifically fulfilled!! :-)
The Salt Lamps also cancel out the positive ions being thrown out into our air from our electronics that we have in our homes.
I have been using my Salt Lamp for over a week now, with the Air conditioning running full speed in the extreme heat we have been receiving, I have noticed a big difference in the fact that I don't have a stuffy nose, and wake up with itchy eyes. I have allergies that I take medications for daily, and still always have the stuffy, nasally feeling when i wake up everyday, but with the salt lamp lit up all night in my room, I haven't had that at all. I leave it lit all night so I can get the maximum benefit that I can while I am in my bedroom. The small Salt Lamp I am using is 4-5 pounds as an average and is said to said to protect in an 8'x8' area. So keeping it on my dresser has worked fine for me.
The Salt Lamp also has such a nice calming glow to it that I just like looking at it, and admiring the natural shape of the solid piece of salt made into such a healthy product. I love that the Scientist have come through with such break through's for our comfort and health.
If you would like to be able to breathe easier in your home without spending a fortune on an Ionizer, give a Himalayan Salt Lamp a try.

Himalayan Salt Shop also carries a full line of many other Salt products for benefiting your health. They would be amazing gifts for your loved ones also as they are just beautiful!

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  1. That Dr. Oz recommends the salt inhaler. =)

  2. They also sell bath salts and salt inhalers!
    Jessi Greenmamajama

  3. I've been intrigued with these, but never tried one. I learned that they spread the ions more evenly throughout the air...pick me, I wanna try one!!!

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