One Mom's Moxie: I am Starting Nutrisystem!!! #NSNation

Friday, July 20, 2012

I am Starting Nutrisystem!!! #NSNation

Hey everyone! I know I haven't said much about myself, I mostly talk about my family, especially my kids. So this is going to be a four month journey that I will be sharing with you all. I am starting Nutrisystem and I am so nervous. For years I have struggle to try to get my weight down, only to give up after a few days of trying. This time I mean business!

I will be eating Nutrisystem for all my meals and of course adding in some extras that the plan says I can eat. I received my food and now I have to measure myself. I thought I weighed less than I actually do so because this is all about me and being honest with myself I was weighed at the doctors and my start weight is 270!!! I am embarrassed that I have let myself get so big, but I am doing something about it and with the help of Nutrisystem I hope to lose at least 30lbs. Of course I would love to lose more but I want to be realistic. So I will be starting asap and after my first week I will update you all on my progress!  

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