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Monday, July 2, 2012

My Hikes™ Giveaway!! This Is For The Kiddies!!!

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Recently I had the opportunity to review a set of of My Hikes. When trying to decide which child would need them more I decided that my daughter would need them more. After this decision I decided to let her choose which ones she wanted. My daughter is starting to show her own style and she decided to choose the princess crown ones (pictured above).

Why are My Hikes great for kids and adults? Well on their site they write:
My Hikes™ Are Fun to Wear
Perhaps the best reason kids will like My Hikes™ is that the designs are fun to wear. The original artwork is whimsical, colorful and 3-dimensional. They make your kid's cuffed pants look like cleverly accessorized clothing instead of a clothing mishap.

My Hikes™ Are Fast and Easy to Apply
My Hikes™ pant cuff fasteners go on fast and easily. Removal is easy, too.
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