One Mom's Moxie: Today Is Olivia's 9th Birthday!!! Her Birth Story...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today Is Olivia's 9th Birthday!!! Her Birth Story...

I just have to share my story of my little Livy Loo (who now hates me calling her that in public, only at home Mom, gosh!) coming into the world. It was a typical day on July 28th, my then-husband and I had just had dinner and I was    going on maternity leave in a few days since I was eight months pregnant. So because I was use to braxton-hicks I thought nothing of it. Until the evening went on and I noticed they were getting closer together. So I called my doctor and they told me go straight to the hospital, that I was in labor! See with my first daughter it was all back pain, so the contractions were nothing compared to the back pain, I'll tell you her birth story later it was a long one!

So we went to the hospital and they gave me a few shots and said they would stop my labor that she was too early. So after a couple of these shots the labor wasn't stopping she was coming no matter what! Since I had a previous c-section, I had to have another. So she was born at 1:15am on July 29th. She was 7lbs but they still considered her premature. So her father and I got to see her for a whole minute, maybe even less, before she was whisked off to be put on oxygen. 

That's when I started to worry, was she okay? Did I do something wrong? We waited for hours, and her father and I were irritated that we weren't getting answers, but I was so exhausted and had a huge headache that I didn't have the energy to argue. We were only told she was okay. Finally about 4 hours after she was delivered they brought her in. Since I was strictly breastfeed only they had to. They were constantly poking her little feet to take blood to check on her, until her Dad said they weren't going to poke her anymore! She ended up being fine, smaller than our first daughter she seemed so tiny. She gave us quite a scare that day and ever since I think her father and I have thought of her as a little miracle. 

Oh and by the way my headache ended up being a spinal headache so after days of torment (the staff didn't believe it was that bad) I was finally given a blood patch to stop it. Which was the beginning of my health nightmare but that's for another day. 

So now that I have shared the birth of my second daughter, Olivia Rylee, my sweet, smart, loving, kind-hearted, beautiful little girl. Of course I could go on and on about my kids and how great they are because I am like every other mom out there that thinks their kids are special and the best! No but really mine are! ;)

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