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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WAVE Home Solutions-Affordable & Effective Solutions For Any Household

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wave Home Solutions for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

No matter where you live you have probably dealt with some form of humidity and moisture in the air. From stagnant air in a basement to the non-stop moisture in the bathroom. What some do not realize is that stale, damp air can carry pollutants and toxins. A house with moisture problems and not enough ventilation can have mold and dust mites problems,but that's not all that same air can cause rashes, respitory illnesses, headaches and much more.  

Sure you can purchase a dehumidifier, but do you want to carry out buckets of water constantly? Did you know that running a dehumidifier can cost $50 a month, if not more?! Also a dehumidifier only takes care of the moisture and some may not even do a good job at that. With a dehumidifier you are still left with the odor, toxins and pollutants.  You think of your home as you place of comfort, a place you are safe but if you are living in a house with stale, humid air then you are not safe! 

The best and more reasonable solution is aWave Home Solutions ventilation unit. The ventilation unit will not only dry the moisture in the air but will also help refresh the air you are breathing. Whether you live in a house with a basement or crawl space the moisture from there is sucked right out and replaced with the dry air from the highest point in your home. The air is then being circulated and will no longer have an odor, pollutants or any toxins. The unit is constantly monitoring the humidity and will adjust to give you the best results. And running the Wave ventilation unit costs only pennies a day to run. 

I live in a very humid area and use to have a evaporative cooler which would make matters worse. At one point while living in my previous home I became very ill, after moving out I became much better after living out of that house for a month I was back to myself again. My doctor realized that the house was making me sick, the moisture that was constant along with poor ventilation was causing mold and bacteria to grow. So I know firsthand just how important it is to live in a well ventilated home. When I purchase my first home I will look into putting a WAVE Home Solutions ventilation unit, my health and my family's health are worth it.

Wave Home Solutions is a company dedicated to bringing you the most cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. WAVE stands for water, air, ventilation and energy all of which can be a homeowner concern at some point. You can take some comfort in knowing that WAVE Home Solutions is family owned & operated, and has been since being founded in 2001. So for all your water, air, ventilation and energy solutions turn to Wave Home Solutions.

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