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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Davis Chocolate ~ A Little Piece of Chocolate Heaven

If I were to every be stranded on an island there are a few things I could not live without and chocolate is one of them. Of course being on a stranded island and having some Davis Chocolate would actually be a great combination. You see Davis Chocolate is not your normal everyday candy bar chocolate, it is luxurious and rich in flavor. Oh and they have Chocolate Lava, which is why I said it would be perfect on a stranded island.  
You see their Chocolate Lava is a liquid chocolate. Not that chocolate syrup stuff that you mix in milk for the kids, not this is the chocolate that you hide in the cupboard behind the vegetables, because we know that the kids and your spouse won't look there. I used my sample on some vanilla ice cream and I was in heaven. I actually could have just eaten it straight from the packet, it's that good. Chocolate Lava is available in Milk, Dark, White, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Hazelnut Chocolate.

Davis Chocolate doesn't just have Chocolate Lava. They also have Powdered Nibs, unsweetened and semi-sweet. Powdered Cacao Nibs are raw, kosher, gluten-free, and vegan. They also have 10 lb chocolate bars in unsweetened, raw, dark and milk. Cocoa and Cocoa butter both can be purchased raw or roasted. And they also have Couverture, which is high quality chocolate that has more cocoa butter, this type of chocolate has a more mellow flavor and is used mostly for dipping, molding, coating and garnishing.

There is one thing that Davis Chocolate has that I never would have thought would be good or possible. It is called Peanutta, which is liquid peanut butter! Again it's not regular peanut butter that's melted and goes back into a firmer peanut butter. It stays in a liquid form. It's delicious. I also received a little goody that I haven't seen on the website but it's called Peanutta Pow, powdered peanut butter. I haven't used it just yet, I am waiting on my blended to come so I can make a milk shake with it. But I will make sure to let you all know how good it is once I try it. 

For all you chocolate connoisseurs the website Davis Chocolate is a little piece of chocolate heaven. This is a must try for all chocolate lovers, even if you just order the Chocolate Lava, you will be so happy that you did! Look them up on Facebook, follow on Twitter @DavisChocolate, and follow them on Pinterest too. 

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