One Mom's Moxie: Elmer's Personalized Back-to-School Activity #CBias #SocialFabric

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Elmer's Personalized Back-to-School Activity #CBias #SocialFabric

When I had my first child I looked forward to the day she started school, or at least before she started school so we could do back-to-school shopping and other activities to get ready. Well three girls and two bonus sons later, we have a hard time affording all the "cool" back to school things. So instead I try to make their school items a little more personal by letting them decorate their folders, making collages for their binders or personalizing anything they want. So when I got the chance to shop and share I was excited. First I made a list on List.ly of the couple things we needed for crafts and some household items we needed.
My daughter Isabella (Bella) decided to join me for the shopping trip to Walmart. You can see our entire shopping trip here. We stopped for dinner at McDonald's then started shopping. My first stop was to pick up some pencil pouches, the kind that go in a binder and a couple of pencil boxes. Then we went to grab some Elmer's Painters Pens. I prefer to buy the single painters so I can pick my own colors. The Walmart associate pulled out a huge box full.
While we were at Walmart Bella made a new friend, his name is Mr.Krabs.

I grabbed our set of Elmer's paint pens to use for our fun project.

Once we were all set up we started on our activity. Bella was personalizing her own binder pencil pouch.
I decided I would decorate a pencil pouch for my daughter Olivia since she wasn't home. 
We also started on some pencil boxes. I wanted them to be very unique. The black pencil box is Bella's and she started on started with using the white Elmer's Painters pen to outline the shapes.
This was the box I decorated in it's beginning stages, I can't decide if Olivia should get it or my oldest Kaylen.
Here is Bella's finished personalized pencil pouch and box. She did such a great job, I think I have a little artist, she is so creative!
And here is my finished personalized pencil pouch for Olivia and the pencil box will go to the one that wants it, otherwise I will have my very own personalized pencil box for back to school!
We had a fun time making these personalized back to school projects. Bella wants to personalize everything now, maybe our next project will be a pair of shoes or a purse. Using the Elmer's Painters Pens to decorate things is really a lot of fun, you don't have to be an artist to use one either! You can get great tips and read fun posts by following Elmer's on Twitter. And to look at all the great projects follow @GlueNGlitter! Happy "Back to School" everyone!

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  1. This looks like fun. My daughter is the crafty type and does fun stuff on her binders and folders.

  2. I love the Painters pens! I definitely like choosing my own colors too!

  3. What great back-to-school items. Your kids are going to love starting school with them! How creative!!

  4. Those look like a lot of fun! My daughter would love those. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a neat idea to get everyone excited for back to school time!

  6. This is so cool. I mean way to go MOMMY Coolness for doing this project with your daughter! I am going to have to do this one day with my sophie!!! :D Great creativity.

  7. We love getting artsy and what better way than to incorporate art into back to school : )