One Mom's Moxie: Plasma Car Giveaway!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Plasma Car Giveaway!!!

Plasma Car: The Car Powered By Science!

(Retail Value varies per store I have seen from $40- $60)

What an amazing ride on Toy for a child, that includes science technology that can be taught right from a young age.
I am absolutely in love with the Plasma Car, as is my Grandson Aiden! Aiden call's his Plasma Car his Go Car, and he rides for hours at Nena's house. We talk constantly about, "Why it is moving when I am not peddling, Nena?" "How does it go, Nena?" The advantage of being able to teach Aiden is so wide open, when he is using the Plasma Car. Aiden is full of questions and listens while looking at the car as if it is a magical being. I love the feeling of being able to teach my Grandson at such a young age of 5, all about how things on our planet move.

Putting together the Plasma Car took all of 10 minutes if even that, the company has it so it is an easy assembly and faster for your child to get out and go. The Plasma Car came with the car body and 7 individual parts to attach to it. All the tools that were needed were a rubber mallet, and a screwdriver, gone are the days of hours of frustrating assembly while a child whines and cries on the sideline waiting for their toy to be ready to go. There are no gears, no pedals and no batteries for this amazing Car making this a very quiet car also which is great for the parent or in my case the grandparent. Plasma Car is constructed of a thick plastic which is smooth and free of all sharp objects, which sometimes makes a ride on toy less desirable, as we worry about our little ones getting scrapes, scratches, and just plain old Owies!

The Plasma car has an age limit of 3 years of age to 103, as well as a weight limit of 220 lbs on a flat surface/120lbs rough uneven. My daughter age, 24 did have to take a spin on the Plasma car after seeing the 103 age limit, let's just say there were no pictures allowed and she had just as much fun as my 5 year old grandson! (A lasting memory for me that I am not soon to forget!)

The Plasma car requirer the motion of your child turning the steering wheel back and forth slightly/leaning slightly forward and just steering. The back and forth motion sets the Car into go gear using what we adults are use to hearing as inertia, centrifugal force and friction. To go in reverse, the child simply has to turn the steering wheel backwards and do the same exact motions as going forward. Aiden took off immediately as if he knew exactly what to do without being told, is very kid friendly! The Plasma Car is rated to be able to go 6 mph, however Aiden doesn't have a really long straight flat surface to ride on so he goes in figure 8's, around and around, and back and forth. Keeping his speeds to a minimum. He wouldn't want to give his Nena heart failure, or shall I say, his Nena doesn't want him going faster to give HER heart failure LOL!

Plasma Car does offer a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defect, and also carries a full line of purchasable parts on their website if there should be a break down after some years of riding, or in my case if I can't keep my daughter off of it.

A Short Video Of Aiden riding his "Go Car"

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  3. I would definitely give it a try! :)