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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Please Help My Blogging Friend...

I have a blogging friend that is in need of help. She needs to remain anonymous, but she is currently faced with not having a home at the end of the week.
Her husband is leaving, so she will no longer have his income to help her. She has been a stay at home mom for quite awhile, and also home-schools her 3 children. Her only form of income is blogging, Avon, and selling items on Etsy. You can send an email here to get her Etsy site if you would like to purchase something from her.

She has received so much advice and is working on getting things in order but most outside help can take up to a month and her family needs help now.
  She can't even go into a shelter as they are all full at this time.  She needs money for a deposit for a small apartment and enough to cover basic needs for her children.  Even if you can only offer a dollar, it will help.  Could you please click the link below and donate to her?  She is very trustworthy and I know all of the money will go straight to her children and providing for them.
Thank you ever so much! 

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