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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

$40 Gift Card of Your Choice Giveaway!!!


You have exactly 4 hours to enter to win the prize tonight of a GIFT CARD!!!!
8pm-12am est!!
The winner can choose the card from the following choices:
Target,Walmart,Amazon,Starbucks,or Paypal

We love to Pay it Forward to our Fans for being so amazing!!

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I just had to share with you all about the new awesome movie coming out this Friday, November 2nd, WRECK-IT RALPH! I was able to go see WRECK-IT RALPH with my kids and they all loved it! Even my 12yr old liked it, there was great humor and moments of compassion during the movie. 

If you are looking for a movie that is literally for ALL ages this is perfect! I would love to share all the cool parts with you, but I can't so if you go see it come back and let me know your favorite part! 
 I will say this, there are scenes that remind me of my childhood playing video games, remember when you had to enter a code with the up, up, down, left, right, left? :)

*Disclosure: Please note that I was compensated by seeing the movie, but not required to post. No other monetary compensation was provided. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mystery Box Flash Giveaway!!!

The Pay it Forward Crew is at it again!

Tonight's prize is a mystery! 
Everyone loves the Mystery Box giveaways. They are a lot of fun and always contain some great prizes! We're going to give you a hint as to what could be in this mystery box it will be have at least one if not more of these items but not all :)
jewelry, cosmetics, sunglasses, toys, paper clips, candles, puppies, gift card/s &??
What do you think will be in the Mystery Box?
You have exactly 4 hours to enter so don't wait it's over in a flash!


We love to Pay it Forward to our Fans for being so amazing!!

Special thanks to for sponsoring this prize.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Being a Notary Public is Serious Business

Several years ago I was thinking about doing something that was Real Estate related. This was when the economy was good and the Real Estate business was booming. I needed something that would work around my schedule and would pay good money. I wasn't too familiar at the time with listing, loans and all that comes with being a Real Estate Agent. Fortunately I was able to see some things first hand with my Mother-In-Law at the time. She dealt with loans and all that goes with the loan process. It was then that I learned about the Notary Public job. 

I had decided I would look more into becoming a Notary Public. I had learned that a Notary Public needs different stamps for their work. There are notary stamps for whatever state you are located in. The stamps are important because when you become a Notary Public you are given a unique number that is only registered to you. This job is actually a serious and important one! You pretty much decide your own hours and the pay is pretty good. A bonus is that no matter how good or bad the real estate business is a Notary Public is always needed. After realizing that I would have to memorize a lot of information to pass the test, my memory is horrible and other personal reasons I decided becoming one was just not for me.

I do recommend becoming a Notary Public to those that can work flexible hours and if you are looking to make decent money. With all that I learned with looking up what it takes and looking over the study book, I have a lot of respect for Notary Public's. Oh and working as a Notary Public does not mean you work only in the Real Estate business. A Notary Public also works with government and anything else that requires a witness for the signing of legal documents. One thing a Notary Public needs to make sure not to do is give legal advice; they are under any circumstances to give any type of legal advice as they are not an attorney. So again I give kudos to all that become a Notary Public!

Disclosure: This sponsored post was made possible by SheHeard. I have been compensated for my time and work on this campaign, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Monday, October 22, 2012

20 Coupon Inserts - 4 Hour Flash Giveaway!!!

Welcome to another Edition of


You have exactly 4 hours to enter to win the prize tonight of 20 Unclipped Coupon Inserts!
8pm-12pm est!!
We love to Pay it Forward to our Fans for being so amazing!!
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Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1 & 2 OR $50 PayPal Cash Giveaway!!!

We've got a secret, can you keep it? The ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars is supposed to be a teen show, but the truth is, it’s a huge hit among us grown-up girls too! Mommy and 4 Peas in a Pod, A Spectacled Owl, The Dirty Floor Diaries, and Life According to Amanda are all HUGE fans of the "teen" show and are giving away Season 1 & 2 of Pretty Little Liars in celebration of the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special (October 23rd- 8/7CST).
Winners in the US can choose the DVD sets or $50 PayPal cash, and winners outside of the US will get $50 PayPal cash!

One Mom's Moxie says: Honestly I have only watched a handful of PLL episodes, the show seems great, I just have a hard time committing to a show unless it's super great. My daughter on the other hand loves watching PLL. This would be a great gift for a teenage girl. Good luck!

The Pretty Little Liars: Got a Secret, Can You Keep It? Giveaway will run from October 22nd-October 31st. Must be 18+ to enter. Just fill out the rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

FridgeX Storage 18pc Set Review & Giveaway

FridgeX Storage 18pc set by Xtrema

Review By Emptynester Reviews

Do you have a cupboard full of lids and bowl that fly out at you everytime you open it? I do!! (embarrassed look)

FridgeX recently sent me the 18piece set for FridgeX Storage wear! These storage containers are collapsible and are made of Silicone which makes them freezable as well as able to used for BAKING!! They withstand heat up to 430 degrees in an oven, so you can go right from freezer to oven for your meals! I love how tight they seal, they have deep grooves that the lid fits down into and makes an impressively tight seal! They are a healthy way to cook or reheat meals in the oven or microwave. They will not chip,break, or warp making these storage containers durable to last for years! FridgeX Silicone Storage containers are non-stainable and non-stick for easy cleanup, making cleaning a snap! They have easy-to-grab handles, which come in especially handy when transferring foods from freezer to oven to table.

Silicone comes from items the earth is made of and is non-toxic, this makes a health conscience Mom, like myself want to use the products only and throw out all my old storage bowls! Silicone comes from a compound found in rocks and sand and it is extracted to make Silicone items along with many other items. With all the worries of heating and reusing plastic and the BPA chemicals, I am very impressed to find a safe alternative.
I baked a meatloaf in the large 64oz container and was very surprised, as yes i had doubts about silicone and the oven mixture, but I had an amazing meal with absolutely no damage to my silicone bowl and had the lid handy for leftovers. When heating in the

microwave the bowl hardly warms at all compared to what you are heating up, my roommate remarked on that fact and was super amazed! Now I know for sure I can make up items ahead for busy days and freeze and pop them directly into the oven from my freezer with absolutely amazing results.

The storage I save with this 18 piece set it very embarrassing, compared to all the different containers I had a double door cupboard holding back my manajary of mix matched storage containers now I have 1 stack that takes care of all of my storage needs. I have 2 of every size and if I use that many I know the fridge needs to be cleaned out I don't like storing foods in the fridge very long.

100% Green: Not only is cooking with Fridgex healthy for your family, it's also friendly to the environment. From the earth-friendly production practices and inorganic natural minerals used in construction Fridgex is eco-friendly. Our FridgeX product line is even 100% recyclable and non-toxic to aquatic life and soil organisms.

The FDA has approved its use for food baking and storing since it doesn't leach chemicals into the food.

The 18Pc Silicone Storage set Includes:

  • Two - 8 Oz Rectangular W/Cover
  • Two - 14 Oz Rectangular W/Cover
  • Two - 20 Oz Rectangular W/Cover
  • Two - 40 Oz Rectangular W/Cover
  • One - 64 Oz Rectangular W/Cover


Collapsed Open

Check out Xtrema's Healthy Cooking message in the Video below!

Xtrema is so amazing and wants to get their Healthy Cooking/Storage message Spread widely, so in doing this they are offering a GIVEAWAY for a FridgeX Silicone Storage 18 Pc SET!!! Retail Value is $109.99

I love this set and I am totally excited to be able to share this with you!
Thank you to my following favorite bloggy buddies for helping me promote this amazing giveaway!
Must be 18+ years of age to enter
Enter on the Rafflecopter below
Disclosure: Emptynester Reviews is in charge of picking the winner from the Rafflecopter,emailing the winner, and also sending the winners information on to the company. Xtrema is in charge of mailing out the package to the winner.   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, October 19, 2012

$200 Mix1 Giveaway!!!

Mix Up Your Workout with a Mix1 Giveaway!

Do you feel like you are in a bit of a workout slump?

Maybe you need an energizing new way to get your body back in motion!

Mix1 products contain only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients including whey protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, soluble fiber and healthy fat. They use the right balance of these ingredients, at effective levels, to provide the maximum benefit to your body before a workout, after a workout, or throughout your day.

These healthy, all-natural protein shake provide pre-workout fuel and post-workout recovery. Great to use in the morning to get you up and moving!

Mix1 features:
  • natural antioxidant power
  • 3 grams of soluble fiber
  • 1 grams of heart healthy fat
  • No gluten and 99% lactose free
What to see what mix1 is all about? One lucky winner will receive an awesome “Mix up your workout” package which includes a case of a variety of mix1 chocolate and vanilla shakes, a cool tee-shirt and a super neat mini-cooler. The package is worth about $200!

You Can visit Mix1's website by clicking here

Mix1's Facebook page can be viewed HERE

Hosted By Emptynester Reviews

Special Thank you to the Amazing Blogs Participating in this event , make sure you stop in and tell them "hello" I am lost without them all!!

They are as follows:
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3 Winners- A Piece of Jewelry & a Bag - 4 Hour Flash Giveaway

What can you win?
Every winner gets the bag:
  • Polyester with drawstring shoulder straps. 15 1/4" H x 17 1/2" W. Imported.
  • 100% of the profits ($6.02) will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.
AND the winners will each get one piece of Jewelry:
  • Pin: Silvertone with rhinestones. 3/4" H.
  • 100% of the net profits ($2.16) will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.
  • Bracelet: Silvertone with light rose crystals and pink enamel-look ribbon motif. 7" L with 1" extender.
  • 100% of the profits ($3.64) will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.
AND everyone gets a Breast Health Resource Guide.
Together, we can celebrate life. In 1992, Avon began mobilizing the unique power of our global network of sales Representatives to sell Breast Cancer Crusade products that raise funds and awareness for the cause. Today, Avon is the leading corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause, having donated more than $740 million to breast cancer programs around the world over the last 20 years. Help raise funds and awareness for education, screening and diagnosis, access to treatment, support services, and scientific research by purchasing a Breast Cancer Crusade product.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to give our readers a chance to pay it forward as well. By entering this giveaway, we would love it if you would remind just 2 of your female friends to perform their breast self exam this month. That's it!
Our Fabulous Pay it Forward Hosts for tonight's flash are:
center;">Giveaway ends at midnight EST! Open to US only.
Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter!

Child's Halloween Costume Giveaway

The Pay it Forward Ghouls (Crew) bring you a Weekend Flash Giveaway!

Just in time for Halloween the prize is any children's costume from our sponsor (a value of up to $64.99)!

Starts October 19 @ 8:00pm EST and Ends October 21 @ 11:59pm EST! US Only

Thank you to our Sponsor M&N Party Store & Powered by Mom for sharing this giveaway and the rest of the Pay it Forward Crew for all that they do!

Read Powered by Mom's Costume Review from M&N Party Store HERE

Stop by and visit this week's crew!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hart Woodcrafts - Pink 50 Cal Pen Review

Recently I was browsing through a site I like to frequent for review suggestions and found a really cool website that I just had to contact about doing a review. 
They make so many great products including letter openers, stylus', key chains, bracelet assistants, pens and pencil sets. I was immediately drawn to the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on the left side of the site. Hart Woodcrafts donates a portion of their sales from the Brest Cancer Awareness items. They also donate to various Veteran's organizations. When I asked if I could review one of their pens I was in for a special treat! This is what I was sent:
Yes that is a 50 Cal shell made into a pen! The pink is made of acrylic and is specially made. What I love about it is that there is actually weight in the pen and it writes very smoothly. I couldn't find anything negative about the pen. With all the other products Hart Woodcrafts offers there is definitely something for everyone. Look at this beautiful letter opener:
There are also this whistle keychain with a secret compartment:
And this cool stylus:
I highly suggest checking out Hart Woodcrafts some of the keychains have toolkits and toothpicks inside. There is such a variety I could go on and on. Go check them out!

*Disclosure: Please note that I received product in order to conduct a review. No other monetary compensation was provided. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Nestle's Cookie-Brownie Delight FAIL

Here is my Nestle Cookie-Brownie Delight FAIL
My husband picked up the new Nestle's Cookie-Brownie Delight a little while back. I kept hearing about how good it would be for dessert, but that didn't mean HE was going to bake it! So even though it seemed like a lot of work it was actually really easy. I meant to take photos while making it but it is so simple and quick.

Basically you melt butter, eggs and water to each mix. Pour the brownie batter and then drop spoonfuls of cookie dough on top and bake! So simple you can't mess it up right? Wrong! I found a way, ha ha ha!
So you can see my Cookie-Brownie looks more like just a brownie. When I was making the cookie dough I had to melt the butter, I thought it had cooled enough but I was wrong. Luckily I have bags and bags of Nestle chocolate chips so I threw in some more once the chocolate cookie dough was mixed, that's how it turned into chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough. So it was actually a Chocolate Chocolate Cookie- Brownie Delight and it was still a hit! I plan on making them again but next time I will double check the temperature of the butter! 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post and Nestle was not involved. All opinions are 100% my own.

Monday, October 15, 2012

FREE Blogger Opp - Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1&2

The ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars is a  hit among teenage girls. But, the truth is, it’s also a huge hit among us grown-up girls too!
Mommy and 4 Peas in a PodA Spectacled OwlThe Dirty Floor Diaries, and Life According to Amanda are giving away Season 1 & 2 of Pretty Little Liars in celebration of the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special (October 23rd- 8/7CST).
The Pretty Little Liars: Got a Secret, Can You Keep It? Giveaway will run from October 22nd-October 31st. US residents can win the DVD sets, residents outside of the US can win $50 paypal cash!
We are currently accepting other bloggers to be on the rafflecopter form.
FREE Facebook link with announcement post.
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Cinderella Royal Ball Party #CBias #DisneyPrincessWMT

Last weekend was the Disney Cinderella Retailtainment Event at our local Walmart. My daughters, Olivia and Isabella, were dressed up as little Cinderella's ready to play and party. 
Unfortunately when we arrived there wasn't much to the event other than a couple of tables with cupcakes stacked on one and the new Cinderella Blu-ray/DVD combo on the other with some sugar cookies. As you can see here it was a major disappointment.
The worker above was Linda, she was incredibly sweet but she had no idea what to say or do with kids. She handed my daughters a coloring page and a sheet with pop-outs to decorate a pumpkin. She then told them that they just missed having a piece of cake, now all Mom's know you DO NOT tell a child that! So I felt horrible and ended up buying some Cinderella cupcakes for them. They had so many!
They were suppose to have the Royal Ball app code along with other codes placed throughout the store but the only code that we found was right in front of the event tables.
So after getting some cupcakes we picked up a copy of the new Cinderella Blu-ray/DVD combo for our party. There were so many on the table.
Since the girls were disappointed and kind of embarrassed to be walking around in costumes, I decided to treat them to McDonald's. There were two other little girls that came to the event while we were there and their Mom ended up doing the same thing I did, buying them Cinderella and taking them to McDonald's. Here's Isabella enjoying her Happy Meal.
Now that we were done at the Walmart Retailtainment Event we had to plan for a party! I decorated the table a little bit but most of the goodies were in the goody bags!
I got a little anxious with taking a picture that I forgot to show the cupcakes and juices we had on the table too. Of course the prettiness of the table didn't last long. I turned Cinderella on for the little princesses to watch.
The girls played and danced around like little princesses do. They even went outside to play around, plus we preferred they eat the cupcakes outside! I was able to get a few of them to stop for a second to snap a quick picture. This happens to be my favorite one of the day, my little princess Isabella with her best buds (Belle, Tiana & Cinderella).
They enjoyed watching Cinderella, all their goodies and of course the cupcakes! Little princess Kora had a frosting mustache to prove it!
It was definitely an awesome Cinderella party! I would say the party was a success when the guests are leaving and asking when is the next party?! The thing I enjoyed most was just seeing the little princesses having so much fun together. 

Take a couple of minutes and check out these great links: Play N' Explore, Cinderella's Facebook, Disney Princess Facebook and Disney Twitter.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Disney Consumer Products, Inc. #CBias #SocialFabric

FREE Blogger Opp!!

The Land of Nod, Mom Blog Society, Mom Does Reviews, Route249 and GeekyGamerMom come together to bring you this fabulous event!
PRIZE: Little Sloane Leaning Desk (Java)
Event Date: 11/5-11/28

Pink SentrySafe Giveaway!!

Welcome to the Week Long Giveaway for a

SentrySafe limited special-edition Pink 1200 Fire Chest

Promoted by the Pay It Forward Giveaway Crew!

Emtpynester Reviews has done a review for this 1200 Pink SentrySafe and you can read her Review by clicking here---> REVIEW
We, at the Pay It Forward Giveaway Headquarters, like to Pay it Forward to our Fans for being amazing and also to show Awareness for any and all Programs we feel our fans need to have brought to their attention.
As you know we have been very FORWARD THINKING on Breast Cancer for the Past week and hope it opened some people up to be more apt to get their TA TA's Checked!


This Giveaway is open to the Continental US only
Must be 18+ years of age or older to enter
Enter on the Rafflecopter widget below to be entered to win.
SentrySafe is responsible for the Delivery of the Prize. Emptynester Reviews will choose winner and contact them.
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Dino Dan Giveaway!!!

Welcome to a Dino "Dantastic" Giveaway!

If you have a Nick Jr. fan, I'm sure you know who Dino Dan is. Dan Henderson is an ordinary 10-year-old boy who lives with his mom and little brother, Trek. He takes care of his puppy Doug, really likes pizza, and has a bit of a dinosaur obsession. Okay, maybe he's not entirely ordinary.

Dan eats, sleeps, and breathes dinosaurs. His nickname is "Dino Dan," and he dreams of being a paleontologist one day. He's an expert in all things Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous and has a funny way of seeing dinosaurs in any situation.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cancer Awareness T-Shirt -Sock It To Cancer Tie Dye- 2 winners!!!

The Pay It Forward Gang is at it AGAIN!

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to give our readers a chance to pay it forward as well. By entering this giveaway, we would love it if you would remind just 2 of your female friends to perform their breast self exam this month. That's it!
If you are one of the TWO lucky winners of this "Sock it to Cancer" T-shirt, you can decide how you will pay it forward.
Cancer Awareness T-Shirt -Sock It To Cancer Tie Dye- 2 winners! ($19.99 ARV)
100% cotton pre-shrunk Cotton T-shirt. Winner picks the size- S, M, L or XL
Special thanks to all the hosts in the Pay it Forward Gang:
Giveaway ends at midnight EST! Open to US residents only. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter!
TWO WINNERS! Good luck!

Bows 'N Ties - Luxury Ties at Affordable Prices!

My son has to wear dress clothes every Tuesday for one of his college prep classes. Finding and purchasing pants and shirts are easy but finding a tie that matches or looks nice is actually a little more difficult that we expected. Fortunately I was given the opportunity to review a tie from the wonderful site  Bows 'N Ties
I was sent a gorgeous navy blue pique designer tie. It is made of 100% woven silk. My son absolutely loves his new tie and I have to say he looks very handsome all dressed up. Bows 'N Ties now carries the designer brand Cavallieri. 
A Cavallieri tie has the retail value of $50 to $60 but Bows 'N Ties sells a Cavallieri tie for just $24.90. At this price you are able to purchase two ties for less than the retail price of one! Every Cavallieri tie is handmade from Jacquard woven silk. In my honest opinion I think if you are looking for a quality tie then you should most definitely go to Bows 'N Ties for all your tie needs. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

TBox To-Go - The Perfect Tampon Case

I received the TBox To-Go to review and I have to say I am impressed! The TBox To-Go is not too big, but big enough to hold three tampons. The mirror finish is great not only to use as a mirror but can pass as a makeup  or a makeup holder so teenagers are sure to like this. I didn't have to worry about the lid coming off because it is very secure.
The TBox To-Go also has a compartment on the bottom to carry a pain reliever or whatever you prefer. The TBox To-Go is great for any lady that uses tampons. I liked the TBox To-Go because I don't have to worry about my tampons sticking out of a pocket in my purse while I am at the grocery store checkout (true story). Now I know it shouldn't be embarrassing but it is, for me anyways. 

TBox To-Go is a wonderful product! Make sure you go to Facebook and "like" the TBox page

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Packaways - Perfect for Dorm Living!

Since school has started and most college students are in a dorm room with little space and have to share that space with a roomate! Using Packaways is the perfect solution for dorm living! 
Packaways dorm boxes come in 4 different sizes and colors. This includes moving boxes and a larger storage box that fits under a bed. The moving boxes are able to pop up and collapse without tape, and can be stored easily. 
Packaways are made from a very durable polypropylene and should last the 4 years of moving in and out of the dorms. I personally love my Packaways boxes, they don't cost a lot and they are made right here in the U.S.A.!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.