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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Being a Notary Public is Serious Business

Several years ago I was thinking about doing something that was Real Estate related. This was when the economy was good and the Real Estate business was booming. I needed something that would work around my schedule and would pay good money. I wasn't too familiar at the time with listing, loans and all that comes with being a Real Estate Agent. Fortunately I was able to see some things first hand with my Mother-In-Law at the time. She dealt with loans and all that goes with the loan process. It was then that I learned about the Notary Public job. 

I had decided I would look more into becoming a Notary Public. I had learned that a Notary Public needs different stamps for their work. There are notary stamps for whatever state you are located in. The stamps are important because when you become a Notary Public you are given a unique number that is only registered to you. This job is actually a serious and important one! You pretty much decide your own hours and the pay is pretty good. A bonus is that no matter how good or bad the real estate business is a Notary Public is always needed. After realizing that I would have to memorize a lot of information to pass the test, my memory is horrible and other personal reasons I decided becoming one was just not for me.

I do recommend becoming a Notary Public to those that can work flexible hours and if you are looking to make decent money. With all that I learned with looking up what it takes and looking over the study book, I have a lot of respect for Notary Public's. Oh and working as a Notary Public does not mean you work only in the Real Estate business. A Notary Public also works with government and anything else that requires a witness for the signing of legal documents. One thing a Notary Public needs to make sure not to do is give legal advice; they are under any circumstances to give any type of legal advice as they are not an attorney. So again I give kudos to all that become a Notary Public!

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  1. I became a Notary Public in NY and you have to study the material and then take a test. I also became a Notary in RI which is super easy all you need to be is a registered voter you send in your paperwork and that's it. you do have a pay a fee but compared to NY it was easier. With both you have to buy your own stamps and seals. -Anita