One Mom's Moxie: Five No-Fail Outfits to Pair With Sunglasses

Friday, October 12, 2012

Five No-Fail Outfits to Pair With Sunglasses

1. Jeans and a t-shirt make the perfect accompaniment to a pair of designer sunglasses. There probably isn't another outfit that has the same panache as a simple pair of blue jeans, crisp white t-shirt and shades with dark lenses. It's a look that's as classic as a James Dean movie, and it never goes out of style. Even the most stylish fashionista can't find fault with a look that's as traditional as baseball and apple pie. It's the iconic look and a good starting point for anyone who is wondering what type of outfits can be worn with sunglasses.

2. A prom dress and a tuxedo are not the typical outfits that easily pair with sunglasses, and no one would wear them for the entire night. However, for a few quick photos on the parents' lawn or standing in front of the limo, a pair of sunglasses actually makes for a great photo opportunity. Outfit the whole gang with matching mirrored sunglasses and have someone take a few pictures for posterity. Those photos will be priceless years from now, and the shades will add a whimsical touch that will conjure up memories of those carefree high school years.

3. Haute couture and rhinestone sunglasses go together like chocolate and peanut butter. All the Hollywood starlets regularly wear their oversized sunglasses out on the town whether they are wearing Armani, Prada or Versace attire. The most important aspect of pulling off this look is the right attitude. The fanciest dress and hottest shoes won't protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So, grab a pair of rhinestone sunglasses that are worthy of the finest designer clothes and strut like you are walking down the runway.

4. Leather pants, engineer boots and a biker jacket are the perfect combination when it comes to riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle across the country or across town. Protective apparel is important when it comes to protecting the body. Likewise, a pair of sunglasses is essential to protect the eyes. It is more comfortable to drive with a pair of shades that filters out the sun's rays. A pair of sunglasses also keeps airborne dust, dirt and debris away from the eyes. Glasses also form a barrier between the motorcyclist's eyes and the flying insects that inevitably show up in the motorcycle's path.

5. Horse riding apparel is great for the dedicated equestrian, but what about sunglasses? The best sunglasses for horse riding are sports sunglasses that are designed to stay in place even when the wearer is most active. Choosing a style that fits snugly and won't easily fall off will help make the ride more pleasurable. Some pairs of sports sunglasses feature rubberized nose grips. These will help the glasses stay securely in position during a ride. It's also important to get a pair of sunglasses whose rims won't obscure the view. Shades keep foreign objects from easily entering the eyes during horseback riding and help protect against the rays of the sun. Plus, they look great with traditional riding gear. Whether you get your sunglasses from your local retailer or an online 
wholesale sunglasses distributor, get the pair that's right for you and your style!

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