One Mom's Moxie: FridgeX Storage 18pc Set Review & Giveaway

Saturday, October 20, 2012

FridgeX Storage 18pc Set Review & Giveaway

FridgeX Storage 18pc set by Xtrema

Review By Emptynester Reviews

Do you have a cupboard full of lids and bowl that fly out at you everytime you open it? I do!! (embarrassed look)

FridgeX recently sent me the 18piece set for FridgeX Storage wear! These storage containers are collapsible and are made of Silicone which makes them freezable as well as able to used for BAKING!! They withstand heat up to 430 degrees in an oven, so you can go right from freezer to oven for your meals! I love how tight they seal, they have deep grooves that the lid fits down into and makes an impressively tight seal! They are a healthy way to cook or reheat meals in the oven or microwave. They will not chip,break, or warp making these storage containers durable to last for years! FridgeX Silicone Storage containers are non-stainable and non-stick for easy cleanup, making cleaning a snap! They have easy-to-grab handles, which come in especially handy when transferring foods from freezer to oven to table.

Silicone comes from items the earth is made of and is non-toxic, this makes a health conscience Mom, like myself want to use the products only and throw out all my old storage bowls! Silicone comes from a compound found in rocks and sand and it is extracted to make Silicone items along with many other items. With all the worries of heating and reusing plastic and the BPA chemicals, I am very impressed to find a safe alternative.
I baked a meatloaf in the large 64oz container and was very surprised, as yes i had doubts about silicone and the oven mixture, but I had an amazing meal with absolutely no damage to my silicone bowl and had the lid handy for leftovers. When heating in the

microwave the bowl hardly warms at all compared to what you are heating up, my roommate remarked on that fact and was super amazed! Now I know for sure I can make up items ahead for busy days and freeze and pop them directly into the oven from my freezer with absolutely amazing results.

The storage I save with this 18 piece set it very embarrassing, compared to all the different containers I had a double door cupboard holding back my manajary of mix matched storage containers now I have 1 stack that takes care of all of my storage needs. I have 2 of every size and if I use that many I know the fridge needs to be cleaned out I don't like storing foods in the fridge very long.

100% Green: Not only is cooking with Fridgex healthy for your family, it's also friendly to the environment. From the earth-friendly production practices and inorganic natural minerals used in construction Fridgex is eco-friendly. Our FridgeX product line is even 100% recyclable and non-toxic to aquatic life and soil organisms.

The FDA has approved its use for food baking and storing since it doesn't leach chemicals into the food.

The 18Pc Silicone Storage set Includes:

  • Two - 8 Oz Rectangular W/Cover
  • Two - 14 Oz Rectangular W/Cover
  • Two - 20 Oz Rectangular W/Cover
  • Two - 40 Oz Rectangular W/Cover
  • One - 64 Oz Rectangular W/Cover


Collapsed Open

Check out Xtrema's Healthy Cooking message in the Video below!

Xtrema is so amazing and wants to get their Healthy Cooking/Storage message Spread widely, so in doing this they are offering a GIVEAWAY for a FridgeX Silicone Storage 18 Pc SET!!! Retail Value is $109.99

I love this set and I am totally excited to be able to share this with you!
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