One Mom's Moxie: My Birthday & Me Staying "Fluffy"...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Birthday & Me Staying "Fluffy"...

So my birthday was on Monday, November 5th. I turned the ripe “young” age of 31. I feel much older body wise but I am trying to think about life more positively. I found myself looking at the negative things too much and not enjoying the positive things surrounding me. My health may not be good but I have a beautiful family and I appreciate them so much.

My husband decided to bake my favorite cake, German Chocolate with Coconut Pecan frosting. Oh so yummy! Here’s the thing a lot of times the German Chocolate boxed cakes turn out dry, but my husband doesn’t bake very often and his mistake turned out to be a good one. He used 2 boxes and put 1 box of mix in each 9” round! I have posted the photo of my cake for your enjoyment!
And something cute I just had to share. The other day I was telling my daughters, Kaylen (12) & Olivia (9), that I needed to lose weight. I need to become healthy and take better care of myself. Olivia’s response, “No Mom you don’t because then you won’t be comfortable anymore.” I didn’t quite understand what she meant so I asked, “What do you mean?” Then Kaylen said, “You won’t be comfortable to hug Mom!”  Then the conversation was about me staying “fluffy” as I call it, so that when they cuddle or hug me I am comfortable!! LOL Kids say the funniest things, but I have to say it made me feel good.

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