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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gillette Venus Embrace

If you're not familiar with the Gillette® Venus® Embrace® I am more than happy to share a few things that will make you want to try the Venus Embrace!
With 5 blades you are going to get a super close shave leaving your skin smooth. There is also the ribbon of moisture that surrounds the head of the razor so every stroke of the razor with be done with ease, no more nicks or cuts! The razor cartridges are easy to change and there is even a razor holder for your shower. If that all isn't enough to entice you to try the Venus Embrace, Gillette went a step further and made all Venus razor cartridges fit all Venus razor handles! No more having to purchase a whole new razor set, now just buy the refill to try all the other great Venus razors! 

I really like the Venus razor and give it 4 stars, I take one star off because I wish there was some way to make the moisture ribbon around the razor head last longer. Other than that I didn't find anything else negative about the Venus Embrace. I look forward to trying the other Venus razors now! 

For more information visit the Gillette® Venus® Embrace® website. 

*Disclosure: I received my Gillette® Venus® Embrace®  razor complimentary from Influenster.

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