One Mom's Moxie: Kidz Gear Headphones Review & Giveaway!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Kidz Gear Headphones Review & Giveaway!

I remember when I was a kid and the only headphones were the ones that were made with the metal band and you could feel the hard plastic through the spongy covers. Then there was the problem with the volume, as a kid I would turn it up really loud and then deal with the ringing in my ears afterwards. As the years have gone by I have seen different types of headphones and even earphones. My younger kids don't like earphones and I am glad they don't since they can be loud and they are literally in your ear! So when I had the opportunity to review a set of Kidz Gear headphones I was thrilled!

The Kidz Gear headphones may be made for children but they fit me just great! No but really they are comfortable, there is the perfect amount of cushion on the ear pieces. They come in 5 colors: pink, red, blue, green or purple. Of course we chose pink.  I really like that these have KidzControl™ Volume Limit Technology. This technology still allows your child to enjoy listening to their music, video or game with the same sound quality as a set of adult headphones, but not as loud so they won't damage their hearing. Your child still feels in control with the volume control knob, that is located on the wires so that it is easy to see and handle. 
Not only was I sent the headphones but I was also sent an audio splitter cable and a handy Kidz Gear bag for the headphones. I really like that I can have my kids share an iPod or tablet and listen to their music, especially in the car because sometimes I just like to drive in silence. The Kidz Gear headphones definitely get this Mom's approval! Kidz Gear was so kind to let me host a giveaway letting one lucky reader win a Kidz Gear set of headphones, an audio splitter cable and the great carrying bag! Winner will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to respond, after the 24 hours is up a new winner will be chosen. Open to US only.

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  1. Gosh, so long ago but I had a record player and radio that I listened to music with
    Sandy VanHoey

  2. Radio and record player! Then moved up to the 8 TRACK!!! WOOO HOOO!
    Connie Gruning

  3. Record player and radio. Mostly records.....

  4. I had a walkman that playes tapes, my parents had a record player and I still remember not being able to jump around or the record would skip.

  5. started out with cassettes then moved up to cds :)

  6. Played albums mostly, but I did have 8-tracks and cassettes too.

  7. MP3 player and cd player

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. What memories!! I listened to a tape deck and a boom box.

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