One Mom's Moxie: My Nexus 7 - May it RIP.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Nexus 7 - May it RIP.

A few months ago I was given the pleasure to write a review for Staples for another site I write reviews for occasionally. I was given the choice to pick whatever I wanted to review within a certain monetary limit, and well the limit was high enough for me to get a Google Nexus 7! I could never afford one myself as we are what you call, POOR. 

So my brand new Nexus 7 came all shiny and pretty. My husband bought a case, small keyboard and VOILA I had a mini laptop. I was literally in tech heaven. Until the day I found my Nexus 7 screen was broken. Not little crack across the screen but a bunch of cracks. So I call Staples, no extended warranty. Really?! Oh wait that's right I got it for free so why should I be given an extended warranty?! 

I was referred to ASUS. Since there wasn't anything on the screen saying whether I had a warranty through them I should call. First he asked if I would like to purchase the extended warranty, then I explained my situation. I kept it in a case, it's broken, blah, blah, blah. Then ASUS says they do NOT cover physical damage. Now I could have lied and bought the warranty, but I am not a liar. Then I was told it may cost $205 to fix! I am ticked off, sad, want to bawl my eyes out. Wait I already did that last one. Yes, I cried. I realize it's my own fault, somehow, and now I am heartbroken. No more Nexus 7. 

Moral of the story: For any bloggers out there doing a review on an expensive item, electronic or otherwise, ask if there is a warranty! If I had been given the option I would have gladly paid the 20 or so dollars. Now I am back on my desktop and hoping I will be able to buy a laptop some time in the near future, but it will most certainly NOT be an ASUS!!!

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