One Mom's Moxie: Purell Products I Reviewed - These are great for the home!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Purell Products I Reviewed - These are great for the home!

The Purell Pal Instant Hand Sanitizer Desktop Dispenser with 8-fl. oz. Pump Bottle is a great addition to my house. The kids especially like this Purell Pal since it is so kid-friendly. We have used a lot of the Purell already, but replacing the Purell is easy since the holder is not connected to the actual bottle.
These Purell Portable Size Hand Sanitizer Jelly Wraps are such a huge hit and not just with my kids. I have one on my purse, my kids have them on their backpacks and I see them all over the place. They are perfect for those days you are on the go!

I have left the best for last! In our house the germs spread like a wild fire, no joke, with 5 kids and 4 adults things pass around easily. So when I got the Purell Advanced Non-Aerosol Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam and the Purell ADX-7 Dispenser my Dad immediately put it up in the kitchen. It has been used so often. The Purell smells wonderful and the foam immediately rubs into our hands to kill all those little germs. 

All of these Purell products are great to use and if you are interested in purchasing any or all of them they can all be found at Shoplet.com!

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