One Mom's Moxie: Ways on How to Create an Engaging Tutorial Website with Chatwing Chat Widget

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ways on How to Create an Engaging Tutorial Website with Chatwing Chat Widget

Who says that tutorial sessions must be boring? Tutorials must be a two way exchange of information between the teacher and his students, dynamic and lively. To attract online students and improve your web presence a simple solution is already out in the web- Chatwing chat software.

You’ll observe that Chatwing chatbox seems simple yet it can’t be underestimated in terms of performance. This simplistic mechanism provides its users with convenience while being geared with useful features to help web surfers facilitate interactive and real time discussions. In tutorials, it is important that you provide an environment conducive to learning so students will be encouraged to ask, share their thoughts and effectively learn the lesson.

You have many options to modify the chat widget based on the communication requirement needed for each session. Chatwing chat box has three forms-regular shoutbox, pop up window and vanity URL styles. For general lesson discussions, you can choose the regular chat box and pop up window since it is capable of handling thousands of users. But if you need to just communicate with chosen students the vanity URL format is what you need to use. This style creates username and shortlinks to make private chats possible. You can also change the chatbox theme, border design and font styles or upload images that will serve as your visual aid and make the interaction more interesting. MP3 upload is also allowed and will certainly contribute to a unique learning experience.

This global chat tool is also accessible to users with Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook accounts. There is no need to register anew before a web surfer can log in to Chatwing chat software, their social media account info is enough. For participants who want to keep their social media username, they can still log in as guests. There are available emoticons and avatars you can creatively use to make lectures livelier.

Chatwing is one simple yet reliable communication tool you can also use for marketing purposes and strengthening online relationships. It is free of any charge and is easy to use and install.
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